Child Labour: A Dirty Face Of Society

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 01, 2019   •  1063 views

Mostly what we remember of our childhood is the playful days, carefree attitude, indoor and outdoor games with friends during vacations, home works and lots of pampering form elders. Childhood is supposed to be the most precious time when a child blossoms into a human. It is when a child goes to school, plays and leads a leisurely and protective life. But all children aren’t gifted with the same privileges. There are many children who are daily forced to work like adults in factories and handle hazardous materials. People steal their childhood from these kids. They are a victim of Child Labour. Child labour is increasing at a faster pace and giving a dirty shape to our society.

The solitary cause that forces the child and his parents to put the child to work is poverty. No parents wish their child to work hard in the age of learning and perceiving, but it comes out of compulsion to earn sufficient bread and money for the family. It is ironical that children are sent to work to earn for themselves from the very early age when they should be studying and playing. At the foundation years of human life that leads to development of a successful adult life, these children work just to have two meals a day. They are forced to work as labours in various industries and construction companies and are put to gruelling circumstances like lifting of heavy material, working in immense heat, etc.

The practice of involving a child in working a laborious job is even done by individuals for household chores. Children are forced to toil hard and paid little amount for their job. Cases have come up of exploitation of child by beating, torturing and scaring them to work and threats of keeping them hungry for long. Child labour is not only affecting these innocent minds but also the society. Problems of illiteracy, unemployment and crimes increase when half of the people living in the society are not educated. Besides poverty the other reason why child labour is increasing is rise in population. Lack of education leads to overpopulation. Many remote parts of India are yet illiterate, which is why they are not aware of family planning. Families with more than four children suffer from hunger and poverty and thus kids are forced to work. Child labour is also responsible for increasing rates of criminal activities since children get exposed to hardships of life at a very tender age. This develops lot of frustration amongst them which forces them to indulge in unlawful activities. For mere source of income, at times these innocent kids are sold in return of money. Thus rates of child trafficking is also increasing in an alarming rate.

Children are future of our country. They also have the right to spend their childhood happily. No one should abstain them from their basic rights. Our government is trying to attract these kids by introducing free education and mid-day meal services. In this way, the children can also get some nutrition. Each one should take a social responsibility to eradicate child labour. Together we can make efforts to give poor children a smiling face and a fun filled childhood.