As the last traces of winter fade, spring brings in the fresh air of delight. People in India get to celebrate this change on the festival of Holi with much enthusiasm and high spirits. Holi being a favourite festival for many, is probably the most fun way to welcome a new season as it involves lots and lots of colours and sweets and endless moments of joy with the loved ones. Holi colours are generally made with herbs and spring flowers, but these days chemicals and toxic products are replacing the traditional methods which as we all have witnessed can be a disaster for our skin and hair.

Here's a list of a few last minute hacks that can help you play a worry-free Holi. (Plus a bonus hack)

1. Use Sunscreen or Coconut Oil on Skin:
Let's just start with the obvious and the most necessary one first, because you never know when you're gonna start getting an allergic reaction or rashes by the colours all over your skin. Applying sunscreen or coconut oil can help protect your skin to a great extent. Also applying coconut oil in your hair is going to save it from the damage and can also be easier for you to get rid of the colour.

2. Avoid wearing Contact lenses:
Wearing contact lenses while playing Holi is a bad idea since it can distress your eyes. If by any chance colour gets inside your eyes, it can react with your lenses and cause major irritation and might even lead to some serious problem.

3. Protect your nails and cuticles:
Coat your nails with a dark coloured nail paint and give your cuticles a massage using coconut oil or petroleum jelly before going out. This will help your nails and cuticles to stay moisturised and you won't have to deal with dirty looking nails post-holi.



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