Top Trends In Nail Art And Where To Have Them Done

Nov 12, 2019   •  2 views

Women these days do different types of things in a bid to look good and feel better about themselves. Using makeup and designer dresses are part of what women do to make themselves attractive. Keeping up with the top trends in Singapore is something all women in Singapore aspire to do when it comes to beauty and good looks. One of the many things that women do these days is to polish their nails in such a way that it looks unique and better than the others who use nail polish. To be able to get these done many women choose to use the best nail art Singapore salons and beauty clinics.

It is not uncommon to find exclusive nail art salons and clinics in Singapore. This is due to the growing prominence among women to have the best nail trends done on their fingernails. Many methods are commonly used in these clinics and salons in Singapore. You can choose the type of style that you wish and have it done on your nails with relative ease.

The methods used to have nail art done varies from one to another. While some choose to use DIY (Do It Yourself) methods to color and design nails others choose to visit these salons and clinics. We have a look at the top trends in nail art that people choose to get done in Singapore. You can choose one among them and have it done for your nails to get that exclusive and unique look in your group.

Digital Nail Art

The name explains the type of nail art that is done for women in clinics and salons. Since this method requires a piece of expensive equipment there are few professional places where you can get this form of art done. Using this method, you can choose to have customized nail art which is unique. Digital pictures and customized designs can be done with this form of art to give the most unique design for your nail. This is considered the best nail art Singapore trend that people choose to have done these days.

Sponge Bobbing

This form of nail art Singapore can be done by yourself at home. However, to have better looks people choose to seek professional help to have this form of art done on their nails. If you choose to have achromatic and a radiant design on your nails sponge bobbing would be your best bet in Singapore. A base coat of nail polish is applied and it takes about a few minutes for them to dry. Then, using a sponge, a nail polish is applied with a different color to give it the matte type of finish you wanted with your nails.


Taping is a nail art Singapore trend which uses a tape after a base color is applied and left to dry. Then a different color is used to make the nails look different and unique with the type of design that you want on your nails.

Stencil Method

This is a very common nail art Singapore which can be practiced both at home and salons, spas and clinics. After a base coat is applied and left to dry you then choose to use a stencil that acts as a background to give your nails different patterns and styles. This can also be made to look unique depending on the stencil that you use for your nail art.

Nail Art Stickers and Decals

Stickers are readily available which can be purchased and stuck to your nails. This form is considered the best nail art Singapore technique which is less time consuming and easy to do.