Homemade Garlic Hair-Oil To Control Hair Loss

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Hi beautifull girls !

I think when u see the title u feel so much happy that by using naturally homemade oil that u can control hairloss gradually . now a days hairloss is major problem for all girls and boys too . hair is major factor which enhance the beauty of women.so when we see a longthick hair girls and we spontaenously feel jealous and think that why should we dont have that much long thick hair ?so dont worry girls i come with a solution that by naturallywithout using any artificial chemicals we increase the hairgrowth and reduce hairloss.

By using only one ingriedient which is easily available to us is used to control hairloss. by having thin hair u regretting urselves into depression and u also tired off when people gossiping about ur hair and making comments and jokes. so dnt worry girls for "EVERY PROBLEM THERE IS SOLUTION BEHIND THAT" so what i mean to say that is everyone tell us remeidies when we have a problem so what we have do is that have faith and trust until we achieve it .No remedie can show a difference within 1 or 2days its takes timeto completely fullfledge that process and this case is mostly seen in naturally process . why im stressing on oil rather than mask because hair texture have more ability to absorb oil than wet or dry mask .


The same sulphur compounds that offer multiple health benefits also make garlic the hair hero.
Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin – which has high sulphur content. So when you apply sulphur packed garlic on your hair, it’s like feeding hair the purest food.You can visualise your hair doing a happy dance. Sulphur gives hair strength, elasticity as well as increases length of the hair cycle, which means your hair continues growing for many more years (and not fall out quickly).

Besides, the sulphurous garlic helps to detoxify and purify hair follicles. This allows the new hair to grow without any hindrance. Garlic also is excellent to eliminate flakes and scalp dryness. And because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, garlic alsohelps with psoriasis,dandruff and overall scalp health.
What’s more, garlic has powerful antioxidant effects. This is of course due to sulphur but also because of vitamin C, manganese and selenium that it contains. The antioxidants in garlic protect hair from damaging free radicals and make hair grow thicker, healthier and shinier.


To make garlic oil, you need garlic for sure and coconut oil. I like using coconut oil becauseits a stable oil especially when you heat it.But feel free to try mustard or sesame oil.


  • 4 cloves of garlic (medium size, about 10 grams)

  • ¼ cup coconut oil (about 50 grams)


  1. Garlic oil is pretty simple to make. First, cut the garlic in 2-3 pieces, I do it lengthwise, but you can do it crosswise as well.

  2. Next place the chopped garlic and coconut oil in a small pan. And heat on a low flame. Don’t get tempted to increase the flame or you might burn the garlic.

  3. In a couple of minutes, garlic will start to sizzle and give out a nice garlicy aroma. Use a spoon to swirl the garlic around in the oil.

  4. Continue heating until the garlic turns light brown, then switch off the flame. It will take 5 minutes or so, depending on how thick bottom your pot is.

  5. Let the oil cool down, strain and apply.


  • Massage the garlic oil into your scalp and hair and let it soak and work its magic for an hour.

  • After garlic hair oil remedy, the hair fall will reduce drastically, and your hair will appear thicker, softer and shinier. And there’s no trace of garlic smell left.

  • Then wash with sls free shampoo or homemade shampoo or egg or shikkakai reetha.


  • Garlic is available in supermarkets and farmers amrket and make sure that while buying it should be firm and unbroken.

  • coconut oil is available in supermarkets and amke sure thatcoconut oil should be cold pressed.

  • avoid aluminium pan or nonstick pan and use only steelpan.

  • Storing garlic oil:The oil will last you 3-4 times. Store the remaining oil in a glass jar and keep it in a cool, dry place.

So far I have used garlic oil twice, and it’s a winner.After using theblackseedoil, I thought it was difficult to find another equally effective and potent hair oil to end hair loss and regrow lost hair.
But hey, here’s garlic oil, which you can make quickly and get superb results. There’s no competition between hair oils, but I do think garlic oil can beat other oils in the speed of making and also may be growing hair faster.

plss comment below if u seen any results so i can know ur opinion.

smiile always ,livehappily .



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