Are you a creative writer? Sitting with a pen and paper do you just go on scribbling something? Here's a check for you then. Know all about creative writing and the skills that you can work towards achieving. If you then can't resist, go on writing on any on the prompts which intrigue you.


Creative writing is any writing that goes outside the boundaries of professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature. Both fictional and non-fictional works fall into this category, including such forms as novels, biographies, short stories, and poems. Creative writing can technically be considered any writing of original composition. In this sense, creative writing is a more contemporary and process-oriented name for what has been traditionally called literature, including the variety of its genres.

Master these skills and then get down to writing.

  • Patience

  • Imagination

  • Ability to Face Criticism

  • Determination

  • Technicality

Obviously these skills can't be built in a day, they gradually develop with time and practise. A writer gets better and better everyday. All that is needed is serious working and dedication towards ones writing. To get you going with it, here are some prompts to think over creatively and prepare wonderful pieces.


Interesting creative writing prompts

  1. Myself : This may require deep introspection, but try digging into yourself to find out some hidden spots.

  1. Ghosts : Everyone likes mystery and solving one. Get a little horrified yourself and then scare people.

  1. Road Trips : Travel is topic that always remains new and fresh. On top of that road trips excite most or are a tension for some. But all can relate to it.

  1. Morning : Just like the beginning of the day, morning creative writing can be a good start for your passion of writing taking you to great heights.

  1. Beach : Both people having a holiday at the beach and the one never been to one, would be interested to relive and know about a chill afternoon at the beach respectively.

  1. Friendship : Friendship is a feeling everyone must have felt someone in life. Be an expresser of your true feelings in your write-up.

  1. Fears : Though not all would like to talk about their fears, be courageous to spell out your inner fears and find ways to overcome them.


Here is a sample piece of creative write-up. Get inspired …

Letter from My Favorite Shirt

I am your favorite shirt and I thank you. Before I go I want to remember all the times I’ve spent by your side. The times I was there when you were hurt, excited, bored or just when you feel too lazy to be cute.

August 7th was the day we met. I was hanging in the teen section next to miss yellow poke-a-dots and Tina the pink turtle neck, you almost didn’t notice I was there because of them but I’m glad to have caught your eyes. I remember that day you picked me up and tried me on for size. My treads started to tighten with the thought of you putting me back on the rack. I was simply plain and white with a small pocket on the right top side of the chest. I was an ordinary so I thought until I was picked upped by you. As I looked in the mirror of how my white plain pure soft cotton short sleeve self looked on tan skin, I’ve never looked better.

It was August 14th a week after you had bought me, wore me out to a Friday night local high school football game against Monticello (us) vs. Albemarle and I was paired with your dark blue YMI jeans and pink of pearls. I looked very well dressed. I remember you talking to your friends of how well I match your other clothing and how you were so thrilled to have bought me. You walked around that school with your group of friends, the football star even complimented on your cute outfit. You then promised yourself to always have me as your one and only favorite.

Using hints and clues from here bring out your creative thoughts and get going with writing something out of the box. All that matters are your unique and new ways of expressing yourself as 'no format' is the beauty of creative writing.



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Aquilin Sneha  •  4y  •  Reply
Nice one!!Please do read my wrytups Ms.Tanya
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Thanks for the appreciation
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Nirmit Shah   •  4y  •  Reply
It's too beautiful Tanya Sehra. The last part was the lit, it has opened up my doors of thinking, even more. And yeah, the skill you've mentioned are almost relatable, especially that "criticism" one. Loved this wrytup! :)