Every relation begins with eroticism in today's world but with the name of 'Love'. Love is basically a emotion which attracts two souls and binds them in such a manner that separation becomes a tough task. Many a times, only one could feel that soul energy which do hurts.

And that thing leads to variety of changes within him/her. Have you ever thought a rose having thorns in it turning into cactus with only spikes? No. Try to relate it with a single human who was like a rose with some negativities only and then that human meets another personality.

Let us assume the first person as ABC and second as XYZ. XYZ has totally different lifestyle and choices but ABC wanted to be the 'love' of XYZ. Starting from change in clothing style ending to being an alcoholic because it was XYZ choice, everything changes. Now the question arises did ABC got XYZ? The answer comes out to be NO.

Why? Because you can't remain in that fake personality for more time period. Everything comes back to normal at some point and then ultimately, it was not love you received. You were actually receiving LUST, the never ending lust. The fake love can make you leave everything and adapt to things which you used to never do but then those things might not always be worthy.

By changing yourself, you just tried to be a personality wearing a fake mask. The frustation level will one day rise and you get tired from everything. And who gets defamed? The concept of true love. Did love asked you to change? No. True love won't ever ask you to change, it will love you for what you're. But fake love will try to bring the negativities within you, just to show how imperfect you're.

If you used to wear smile always, fake love will show you what tears and pain feel like. Yes! The tears and the pain are the main symptoms you'll go through in Fake love. While in true love, the person will just try to see you wearing that amazing smile always. Appreciating you for everything will act as the diagnosing tool. It will try to heal you as well as heal itself at the same time. The freedom will be the another biggest symptom in True love.

In the end I can say that, the true love will try to show you what heaven feels like. While fake love will try to show you hell feels like. It is totally on us to differentiate between correct and wrong one. We must not just adapt to be better in someone's eye. Learn to be unique.