Okay. Many people don't give any value to writers. They think writer as if any other depressed soul striving to live in this world. But is it true? Maybe yes, Maybe no.

70% of the writers write for passion. While 30% are the one who really have deep past, present and to relieve from that stress, they write. I fall in the latter category. The stress can be anything in any form. The writers who write daily feel certainly more things then the common people.

Taking the chapati from a beggar's plate won't be a big thing to many people, but it just screws the hearts of writers. Saying 'fuck off' in anger will be a common phrase for many people, but for writers it is like throwing the sharp knives to attack heart.

No. They're not emotional fool. People in the today's world are quite busy in utilising their brain, writers are found using their heart. Now arises the question, How did I fell into the world of ink?

It was my favorite month 'September' I was busy in wiping my tears off due to some kind of mental disturbance. And I was holding my favorite pen. Yes I wont deny that I had passion to purchase high-class pens since my childhood.

I wrote a word. And that word became a sentence then stanza and finally a poem. It was amazing as declared by the audience.

It was like 'Galti se..' But then I repeated that mistake. I started writing short kind of quotes when used to get extremely happy i.e. in the maniac stage and used to write letters when in the depressed state. Noh! I m not a Bipolar personality disorder patient. Still, everyone does faces this kind of stages occasionally in their livelihood.

Short quotes and I paved my path towards yourquote which motivated me enough to write quotes, poems and what not. Suddenly, after 2 years into the world of ink and paper, my life took a turn where I felt wordless. My heart had stopped collaborating the letters. 1 month, two month, 3 month passed away and I hadn't even wrote a single quote. Though I had enough time and even i used to try to write. It was my vacations. And yes, I was tension free; Love free; Was enjoying being single and college was not there to give stress. I realised the ink was my partner only for 2 years. I am no more a writer, shayar or poet.

After the rest of 3 months, I got attracted to someone unconditionally. I didn't realise why I was in love with that person because there were major differences between us. But still my heart was in love with that person XYZ. I held the pen once again. And then, I wrote a long poem without giving a second thought. Dhidak. Though, I never had long conversations with XYZ, but still I was able to know that person very well. I don't want to describe XYZ over here but that was the one who indirectly helped me to regain my words. I was the one who used to wait for happy and sad conditions to write. But after falling in love condition, I got to know the real worth of pen and my capability. My ink overflowed all the time. I got to know that I can't be a writer if I lack emotions. And now I proudly call myself a 'Writer' / 'Shayar'

Writers are not a emotional fool, but they're are just filled with extra dose of love.


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