The sun hiding behind the clouds without rain irritate us enough. But what if the same concept comes in our daily life? Like we were living happily. And suddenly, results come out. In bold letters, it is written as 'Fail' or 'Unsuccessful' in front of your name. The shine of your face disappears and you start realising you're meant for nothing. Result means everything for us and our dear society.

Results and failure:
What actually results are? Result is a term which determines the amount of hardwork you've done with interest. If you were not interested in the subject, no doubt, results won't be as society expected. If you haven't done hardwork, results wont be as per your expectations.

Failure is to be true a learning process. Less hardwork and smart work often leads to failure. But then, people do fear from that term. Fear of failing is basically called as atychiphobia. And failure can be linked to various reasons. And that fear arises when we permanently permit that fear to stop us doing the useful things which will ultimately lead to achieve our goals.

The symptoms of Atychiphobia:

1. Negative self-talks : If you start thinking like you're just born to increase the load of your parents or think that you cab't achieve anything in life except failure, etc.

2. Low self-confidence : The person having fear of failure won't be able to defend themselves in public and will be surrounded by negativities.

3. Perfectionism: They'll try to do everything with more perfection just because to avoid people.

How to avoid the fear?

Rational thinking is the main step for achieving anything. It is an incredible powerful way to fulfill your dreams and desires. If you once faced failure, it is not necessary that you'll face it again. You must keep the faith within your heart.

Failure will often lead to problems in setting goals. But goals are the things which will help in setting our complete life. They define our path of the life. So the biggest thing to cure it is Visualisation i.e thinking about how your life will be once you've reached your goal. It does acts as a great motivator to many people.

And rather than dreaming about the biggest goal which you won't be able to accomplish at once. Break the same goal into smaller goals. Like if your dream is becoming the prime minister of some country, think about the politics over there. First go for minor elections and then think about the biggest goal.

You must also learn to have a supportive plan always with you. If you fail in plan A, you must be ready with the consecutive plan B, so that nothing can act as hinderance.

Lastly, you must be able to analyze all the potential outcomes of the steps you're following to achieve certain goal. If those steps won't lead you to perfect goal, you must be able to think of another pathway for the same or you must learn to do more work.

Positive mind, healthy smile, breaking the big goal in small steps and working hard for the same will lead to stable life.

Lastly, Some of the big names who had faced failure:
1. Abraham Lincoln: Bankrupt twice, defeated in 26 campaigns, failed in many business ideas. And he is known as one of the popular and amazing leader.

2. J.K. Rowling: She was having zero penny with her, severely depressed, divorced, and she was trying to grow a child on her own while attending school and writing a novel.

3. Charles Darwin: Darwin himself once wrote that his father and teachers considered him rather below the common standard of intellect. Theory of evolution was called as 'fool’s experiment'