Your achievement and success is directly proportional how you utilize your time.

Want to achieve your big dreams like becoming a scientist, doctor, a judge, a IAS officer or something more bigger then that? Cool. But you utilize your time in playing video games; Chatting with your awesome friends; Thinking about your unrealistic one sided love; or you're utilizing your time somewhere else rather than working for your dream. Still, the ultimate conclusion comes "You're wasting your time".

Also, If you try to achieve too many tasks simultaneously, the most likely result is that you will be overwhelmed in the miserable hope of ‘catching up’.

Though, I am not some great personality to advice you how to utilise your time in a efficient manner. Still, I too wish to become the same. Now let us move on to the actual steps.

1. Make a plan:  

To fulfill your major goal, you need to know the minor steps you must follow. Many times you want to deliver a project while simultaneously helping your in-charge, completing your journals, participating in the co-curriculum activities, coping up with the stress, family time and many other distractions. But sometimes, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed. The best way to opt the success and preserve your sanity is to make a plan.

It simply means enlisting all the tasks which are vital to achieve your goal. In other words, break down the workload into a series of achievable, simple tasks. It will provide you with a better ‘map’ of what needs doing, and when.

Not only this, as u have loads of work, you must highlight the important tasks as per the deadline. Concentrate just on one thing at any given moment: the others can sit tight. You should refresh and audit your rundown normally, yet don't prevent yourself the joy from claiming putting your pen through things that you have finished.

2. Beware of distractions

Social media, your friends, email everything seems to be our partner. I won't deny, they're not useful. But they can claim much more attention than they deserve. If some task requires your full time, just shut the other unnecessary things without having any doubt in your heart.

3. Learn To Say NO

Success means learning saying No for anything which comes in the path of your goal. Prioritize your efforts in the minute areas that actually matter and have the dare to say no to everything else which doesn't matter in your life. Those asking for your involvement would be really more sad if you agreed to do something without putting your heart into it, and later failed to deliver. So, be realistic with yourself, and honest with others.

Saying No will be really difficult if you feel you're not the priority in your group or if you feel low down in the hierarchy of your organization.

But still, your happiness and your goal is the thing which matters. Sharing your prioritized listwith your friends and organization will also help them to understand you.

4. Give yourself a break

Work, work, work and no rest will make you mentally unwell and even you will have less energy as compared to others. The effectiveness will decrease later and you'll feel completely tired.

In simple words, taking breaks in between the continuous work is good for your brain. Don’t be too hard on yourself; You're a human and you will surely perform better if you take breaks.

Try to avoid looking at your work messages when you are not working i.e. took a break. They do not need to be really answered until the next working day or working hour. The world will surely not collapse if you just delay opening some e-mails. What matters is your health.

5. Don't chase every great idea

The opposite side of allowing yourself an opportunity to investigate new ideas, as well as the proposals of your team-mates and head, is that you are left with a stretching rundown of new headings to research. Endeavor to recognize things that would be decent to have and things that are urgent to the conveyance of your project, on schedule.

6. A plan in crisis

Your ideas, plans and priority list needs to be regularly updated, especially when certain things are not going well. You must not panic if your experiments or some of the initiatives fail or your scores are low: instead, redraft your plan and aim to offload all other distracting tasks as you devote more time to a single resolution. Work with your head or in-charge to create an revised list of priorities: your mentor can bring their experience and wisdom to the problem, as well as reassurance to you.

So succeeding in the odds is not a tough task if time management is done properly. You'll also gain experiences via the proper schedule. Thus, ending with it, plan, prioritize and perform.