Personality is the first thing which comes to our mind for anything. Starting from falling in love to the selection for a job, people majorly observe the personality. I never knew why does the heaven it matters! Unless, I started observing the things minutely.

So, some of the positive traits that really matter in personality are:

  • Honesty

  • Intelligence

  • Loyal

  • Morality

  • Loving

  • Funny

  • Supportive

  • Patient

  • Hardworking

  • Understanding

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Compassionate

  • Has self respect etc.

  • Fluent speaking skills

A better personality attracts better lifestyle.

What were the major 5 mistakes which had actually ruined various personalities I met was the question? After various research and observations, i found this.

1. Speaking skills :

Speaking skills does matter a lot. The one graded as the superb personality was surely having a eloquent language. They neither speak more, nor less but it was up to the mark. The one who does proper selection of the words with efficient voice management is considered as the most superior one in various fields. If you have a habit of stammering because of nervousness, or saying A-aa-aaa in between your speech, people won't be interested to listen to your ideas and thoughts. So, you must be enough clear what you want to speak and how rather than providing A-aa-aaa to the audience.

2. Confidence :

The second characteristic is the level of confidence within you. If you have enough knowledge about certain subject and you're still quite nervous to represent it, like you shiver after going on the stage, it will create a negative impact on your personality. On a small scale too, if you love someone but unable to propose because of zero confidence, the undying love will be really of no use. And being overconfident also creates a negative reputation. If the front person have more knowledge than you and you provide zero value to him, the personality of yours degrades in the mind of people.

3. Patience :

The third factor coming in the picture is own patience level. Waiting, waiting and then getting angry just because you waited because of your own work makes your personality to be called as 'Impatient'. It doesn't mean that you should be patient even though the certain thing crosses boundary, it just means that you should be not too much reactive if the thing is not so big. It makes the situation worse. (Even in case of love, you should have enough patience to listen the other partner, rather than bombarding your own views)

4. Honesty :

Honesty is the best policy

Everyone might have surely heard this quote at various stage of your life, but then had we implemented in our real life? The answer comes to be No. If you cheat your boss in terms of any credits and admit it yourself when the correct time arrives, it would surely create a positive image on your boss. (Though here the personality of boss also matters). But then why should you cheat anyone? Before cheating anyone, think about the negative outcomes and don't attempt it. This will make you a more honest person.

5. Personal Hygiene:

The personal hygiene does matter. Though we say, clothing styles doesn't matters but then wearing the kind of dress you wear should be compatible with the event you're going for. And the dress should not be clean, ironed and should create a positive image of yours. The hair, shoes, other ornaments should also be compatible with each other. It should not happen that you're going for a date in coffee shop but with a very colorful and funky dress along with uncombed hair. (Though, it is perfect for night parties in pub)

So, this were the 5 factors which matter and people judge majorly on the basis of this things. Thus, make sure you're enough confident of yourself to make certain changes in you if you lack some of the factors. Ending with it, just rock everywhere.



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