Does Dressing Affects Personality?

Ganga Ganesh
Jul 12, 2019   •  14 views

A person is mostly accessed based on his personality. Does dressing has any role in personality development? Yes, our dressing may remind something about us. This is more important insituations like an interview, conference etc.

We should know about what we are wearing. We may choose some of our outfits just because it is trending in market. But before fixing a dress, you should really think about whether it suits you or not. This may depends on their body type, weight, nature of situation to wear it etc. There are certain things a person should kept in mind before fixing their dress codes.

Choose your dress according to the occasion. Different locations needs different styles. Dress that suits a marriage function shouldn't be chosen for a conference or interview. In this case dressings can affect even your achievements.

Be sure that the dress fits you. Never wear body fitting clothes. It will make you uncomfortable or take away your conference and at the same time it has health issues. In women tight clothes are reported to cause sterility. Tight jeans can result in low blood pressure.A skinny person can use a puffy flair dress whereas a loose dress is suited to fatty person. Your dress should be comfortable for your body and mind. Your dress should be neat and tidy. You should properly iron it before use.

Also we can see that some of the social concepts will also affect dressing. Some people may crticize other people often with their dressing. Dressing sense of different places are different. So it is better to wear a dress suits that location. It is an adaptation to that situation. Apart from these you should dress according to your age. Always choose the dresses for your age group. It may not be good if you choose same dress for parents and children. Also it is very important that our dresses should be easily portable.

You should really know what you are wearing. Do not give up wearing something for some sake. It is like destroying your personality. Because it can affect your mood and confidence. A person's dress is the most noticed thing. To be able to dress up correctly means that person is informed about himself. So it is all about knowing yourself.