Female Youtubers You Can Check Out

Swagata Kashyap
May 28, 2019   •  148 views

Hey kids! I'm satan. And I'm here to destroy your lives :)
So following are tips on how to waste your time the night before a very important exam.
This is a personally experienced and hence recommended list of female YouTubers you can check out.
You're welcome. Enjoyyyyyyy!

  • Jenna Marbles

Jenna Nicole Moureybetter known by herpseudonymJenna Marbles, is an AmericanYouTube personality,vlogger andcomedian. She has over 19.6M subscribers to her channel. Some of her popular uploads are "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" ,”What girls do in the car”,"How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To", “Things girls lie about” etc.

She also has four dogs who appear frequently in her videos. Her recent videos are mostly her doing the randomest stuff ever. Some of those videos include- “Camouflaging Myself into a Chair’, “I want to be tall”, “Transforming myself into my dogs”, “A full face of Rhinestones” etc.Even though these are the randomest videos ever, you enjoy it. Don’t ask me why, I found myself wasting hours seeing Jenna cover her face with Rhinestones or Putting 100 layers of stuff on her face. It’s weird but it’s funny.

(100 layers of eyelashes, foundation, hairspray and liquid lipstick)

In 2015, Marbles unveiled a wax figure of herself atMadame Tussauds New York. She was the first ever YouTube star to be immortalized atMadame Tussauds New Yorkand her figure is the first selfie-taking wax figure at this location.

  • IISuperwomenII

Lilly Singh(born September 26, 1988), is a CanadianYouTuber, comedian, television host and actress of Indian descent, widely known asIISuperwomanII. She is one of the highest paid YouTube stars with over 14M subscribers.

She has a lot of collaborations with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Will Smith, The Rock, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya etc. Her videos on ‘Types of people-‘ are hilarious. However her impersonation of her Indian-origin parents are the best. Her most popular video is ‘How girls get ready’. One of her most popular series is ‘ My parents react to’ where her fictional parents (Manjeet and Paramjeet) react to different music videos. Apart from that she also has a campaign called #GirlLove which supports education for girls universally.

  • Bestdressed

Honestly, I think Ashley aka bestdressed is the best fashion vlogger ever. Her YouTube channel mostly consists of fashion related videos- from clothing hauls to look books to fashion tips, you can find everything related to fashion in her channel. She has over 1.6M subscribers in her YouTube channel.

Some of her popular uploads are- “50 outfits for when you have nothing to wear”, “how to put together an outfit 101”, “30 back to school outfits”, ‘Thrift Flip’ series etc. Not only that, she also has videos on DIY-ing some of her clothes or how she earns from YouTube which is quite helpful if you’re interested. Ashely does most of her editing and filming herself which is honestly very impressive. So for any kind of fashion inspiration, you can definitely check out her channel. Also I love her style of editing her videos and she's definitely one of the most aesthetic person everrrrr.

  • Kristin Johns

Kristin Johns is my favourite YouTuber ever. I can go on a rant about this awesome person (yeah, we’re sisters), but i won’t. Kristin Johns is another American beauty and lifestyle vlogger with over 500K subscribers. She does a variety of videos like challenges, Morning/Night routine, Makeup Tutorials, room tours, hauls, travel vlogs, Q&A etc. and is definitely the most aesthetic person ever!

(Wasn't kidding about the aesthetic)

Some of my favourites are- “Kitchen tour”, “modern bathroom renovation”, “office tour”, “winter haul”, “get ready with me”, “thrifting Flip”, “conquering fears in Switzerland” etc. This is obviously a very beauty related channel and everyone might not like it but she definitely gives you all the aesthetic vibes you need.

  • Mostlysane

Prajakta Koli aka Mostlysane is an Indian YouTuber based off Mumbai. She started her YouTube channel, in March 2015 and has received 3.8 million subscribers with over 400 million views.

Her contents are mostly skits based on her observations of daily life relatable situations in an Indian society. She pulls up a one-women skit where she impersonated all the different characters. Honestly her impersonation of Montu, her little brother is hilarious and definitely reminds you of your annoying brother. She also uploads two series called ‘Real talk Tuesday’ and ‘Sawal Saturday’ every Tuesday and Saturday respectively.

Some of her popular uploads include- “Every parent’s fight ever”, “Every family dinner ever”, “sabse badi galti”, “Purane yaar ft. IISuperwomenII”, “Holi ka plan kya hai” etc. Unlike a lot of other YouTubers, her contents are always original and never disappointing!

She also released two songs- ‘Shamless’ and ‘No offense’. Her song Shamless was widely praised by the audience and has over 6.5M views. The song was for her campaign #iPledgeToBeMe which addresses mental health well being and body shaming.

  • Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumaris an Indian YouTube personality and video blogger. She started her YouTube channel in February 2014. She has gained more than one million subscribers and has over 100 million views. Her content is mainly Fashion, Skits, Travel vlogs, Dance and Music related.

She has some of the best fashion related videos for us Indian girls. The videos are definitely more relatable and she also has a couple videos regarding Indian outfits or lookbook for a college student.

However my absolutely favorite videos of her has to be her series called “Indian girl backpacking in Europe”. This is a 4 part series where Sejal travels alone to 4 places in Europe- Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Budapest. This video gives me all the travel goals, from living in a Hostel to travelling in a cycle to chilling by a pond- she goes on my dream vacation and documents it beautifully. She shoots the whole journey herself and I love the editing of these videos. I feel it's one of her best contents ever.

She also has a series on 1 item 10 ways where she styles a clothing item 10 different ways which is honestly quite helpful for us college goers who need to think of a new outfit everyday.

she also has lots of music and dance covers that are worth watching!

  • Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow is an Indian YouTuber who started her YouTube channel in the beginning of 2018. She loved travelling and hence quit her well paying corporate job to travel and make vlogs. I personally feel that she makes some of the best travel blogs. Not only that, she even gives us a sneek peek of how she does all the work- the filming, editing, what cameras to use etc. which is verrrryy useful for anyone who might be willing to try vlogging. She also goes on low budget trips which can inspire us to travel to places without spending half of our savings.

Another thing that I absolutely love about her is that she travels in very local places, interacts with the local people and actually tries to understand the different cultures. How inspiring! I feel like the true essence of travelling is getting to know the culture and background of the people living there by experiencing local life.

Her series “Off to Arunachal” is a 4 part series documenting her experience in Arunachal. Again she travels the north-eastern part of India which is least travelled by tourists.

Some of her popular uploads include- “backpacking in Meghalaya”, “South Goa beyond beaches”, “Spiti Valley-series”, USA vlogs, Bali vlogs, Ziro music festival vlogs etc.

So here are some of my Favourite female YouTubers. As you can tell, I spend half of my life on YouTube so I thought why not make it worth it? (take notes kid, this is how you make up for the time you wasted during exams)