Journal (n): Journalis adiaryyou keep of daily events or of your thoughts or a publication dealing with a specific industry or field.

This is the definition I got when I searched the meaning of Journal. I would describe journal as ‘a book of your thoughts’. Anything and everything that goes on your mind can be written in a journal. You can think of it as a picture of your brain.

When I first started maintaining a Journal, I was very confused, as to what should be written in it. I’ve since realized that there are different types of journals that people maintain.

Following are 5 types of unique journal one can write:

1.Travel Journal: Are you thinking what I am thinking? If this reminds you of Bunny from YJHD, we’re on the same page bud. The YJHD travel bug maintained a beautiful travel journal of the places he had visited and the places that is on his travel wish list. Travel journals are a beautiful way to keep record of all the places we’ve been to, the memories, the experiences and even helps us maintaining an accurate timeline. It’s a best way to fish for some wonderful memories.

2.Idea journal: How many times did you have a fabulous idea about something when you were in the taxi and forgot about it when you reached home? Many a times we tend to forget very special, creative ideas because we did not jot it down at that instance. A lot of content creators tend to maintain an Idea Journal. Idea journals are honestly one of the best ways to jot down any ideas or thoughts that comes to our mind. It also helps to develop an idea in a systematic order.

3.Food Journal: Yes. This is as exciting as it sounds. For the inner food enthusiast in you, this is the perfect way to jot down all the recipes you’ve been meaning to try but didn’t because you couldn’t remember the recipe. We can write all the recipes that we are interested in. This way, the recipe stays forever and we get to have good food. If you want to keep track on the carbs intake, keeping a food journal can help you in that! You can jot down your meal plan of the day and then manage your calorie intake.

4.Doodle Journal: Perfect for an artist, doodle journal can be kept by anyone. There is no rule, just doodle away whatever you want! Keeping a doodle journal can prove very effective for a cartoonist to develop his characters. A cartoonist can create his stories, experiment with different ideas and what not!Doodling is also a way of stress control and can also help in mapping our emotions. Doodling obviously reflects a lot of our personality!

5.Pregnancy journals: Pregnancy is a beautiful period of a women’s life. Keeping a pregnancy journal may help them relieve the memories later. Also, these journals may help other women during their pregnancy period and also guide them through the process. Many women experience ‘pregnancy brain’ where they tend to forget things. Maintaining a journal will help them to remember things.

"It’s not my job to entertain anyone in my diary."—David Sedaris

I couldn't agree more to this quote by David Sedaris. A journal is our own, private palace of secrets and we can keep it anyway we please to!

So, if you’re planning on writing a journal, do it. Write whatever you feel like and whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t have to belong to a particular genre. Infact, you can make your own genre! Writing helps us clear our mind out and gives us a different mindspace to work in.

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