Top 10 Places To Visit Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is replete with innumerable temples, iconic historical monuments and even a few UNESCO world heritage centres making it an ideal and one of the most loved destination for everyone.

Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

Top 10 Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu, places to visit in Tamil Nadu, Nestled away in the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent and formerly known as Madras, the entire state of Tamil Nadu is a true treasure trove of every traveler from far and wide and can be visited by availing theholiday package to Tamil Nadu. Bounded by the Eastern Ghats on one end and Nilgiri mountains on the other end with the glimmering Indian Ocean on its southern end Tamil Nadu represents the nature’s bounty in complete vibrancy.

Tamil Nadu is replete with innumerable temples, iconic historical monuments and even a few UNESCO world heritage centres making it an ideal and one of the most loved destination for everyone.

1. Chennai

Lovingly nicknamed as the ‘cultural capital of India’, this city is known for being the 4thlargest metropolis of India and one of the most attractive Top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. The city was established bySir Francis dayin 1639 of the East India Company. Along with establishing a fort and trading post along with a few fishing villages, Chennai has always been the focus of educational as well as industrial centre. This city is famous for its various government museums, cathedrals, sacred temples, lush parks and other historical places. Being one of the top centres of tourism in India, Chennai is connected with a number of networks of roadways, railways as well as airways. With innumerable places of attractions, it will take any visitor complete 2 days to visit all the sight seeing locations here.

2. Kanchipuram

Situated at a distance of 75 kms from Chennai, Kanchipuram is popular for its famous and extremely spiritual pilgrimage sites which are visited by numerous pilgrims and devotees on a daily basis and makes this city one of the most pious and among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. This place is also chosen as one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations from Chennai. Since Kanchipuram is one of the oldest cities of India, Kanchipuram is replete with a rich historical past. The temples of Kanchipuram are famous for its opulent and magnificent architecture which represents a unique style of designing and has set the benchmark for south Indian architecture really high. From incredible spirituality to the manually woven Silk Sarees every feature of Kanchipuram is praised.

3. Kodaikanal

Located near the city of Palani the term Kodaikanal literally translates into ‘the gift of the forest’, this princess of hill stations is a scenic hill destination for everyone looking to get away from the busy hustle of the daily life and makes it one of the most beautiful and among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. This picturesque hill town was established during the year 1845 with an aim of achieving some much needed peace of mind away from the scorching summer heat of the plains. Along with peace seekers and offbeat travelers, this place is also frequented by families and people on their honeymoon. From Coaker’s walk, KodaiLake and Bryant Park to Bear shoal falls, pillar rocks and silver cascade etc. Kodaikanal is an oasis of astounding places for everyone.

4. Mahabalipuram / Mamallapuram

Located on the Coromandel Coast facing the majestic Bay of Bengal the elegance of Mahabalipuram has always been admired by its visitors and travelers from far and wide. During 7thand 10thcentury AD the Pallava dynasty is said to have established a sea port here and is famous for its numerous historical relevance. This iconic destination is located at a distance of 58 kms in the southern direction from Chennai. The Pallavas are credited for creating some of the most legendary and creative works of art like monolithic Rathas, temples, caves and sculptural panels. The port had worked as a gateway to new horizons and broader perspectives. Thus makes it one of the most attractive tourist spot among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu

5. Ooty

Nicknamed as the ‘queen of hill stations’, and situated at a distance 86 kms from Coimbatore, this famous hill destination is situated within the majestic and surreal Nilgiri Hills or the ‘blue mountains’ and makes it one of the most appealing among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Originally inhabited by the tribals this region was captured by the Todas as well as other tribes after some time. The city is popular for some of its most awe inspiring and UNESCO world heritage sites like – botanical garden, Wenlock downs, pine forest, Ooty Lake and so much more. Taking a UNESCO heritage train journey on the hillside running from Mettupalayam to Ooty will take you across some of the most scenic vistas lined with tea gardens, tunnels along with many more memorable experiences.

6. Madurai

Along with being the largest city in Tamil Nadu Madurai is also popular as a pilgrimage destination due to the presence of numerous temples of immense historical relevance and makes it one of the most devoutly religious among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Sitting majestically and gracefully on the holy river of Vaigai, this quaint and ancient temple town is popular as the ‘Athens of the east’. It is also famous for being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the entire Indian peninsula with its history dating back to as far as the 3rdcentury BCE. Along with the famous and intricately designed Meenakshi temple, other important temples that resonates the glamorous and rich cultural history include Thirumalai, NayakMahal, KoodalAlagar temple and so much more.

7. Rameshwaram

The island of Rameswaram is located on the Pamban Island which is separated from the Indian mainland by the Pamban channel and is connected to India via the Pamban Bridge. Apart from Varanasi Rameshwaram is a significant pilgrimage centre for devout Hindus since it is a crucial pillar for the all India Char Dham Yatra and makes it one of the most pious among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Apart from the legendary and imposing Ramanathaswamy temple that stands tall on the island another important history of this place revolves around the fact that Lord Ram is said to have constructed a bridge from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka with an aim of rescuing his wife Sita from the evil king Ravana.

8. Kanyakumari

Popular for being the southern-most tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is one of the prime centre for art and religion for several centuries. This coastal town has also gained a reputable name in the field of trade and commerce. The place is popular for its unique and interesting natural beauty, and due to its divine vibe this is the place where Swami Vivekananda is said to have meditated for a while. Kanyakumari is also famous for itsconfluence of three oceans of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Seamaking it a glorious sights. All these scenic beauty make it one of the most soothing among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu

9. Kumbakonam

Known for being the temple town of the South along with a size-able amount of Muslim as well as Christian population, Kumbakonam is known for its rich cultural heritage. With almost 188 temples in this region people from far and wide visit to offer their prayers to the lord and take a dip in one of the most prominent and holy tanks known as Mahamaham tank. Some of the sacred temples here include – Adi Kumbeswarar, Nageswaraswamy temple and Kashi Vishwanathar temple which attract the most number of tourists and makes it one of the most pious and must be visiting among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

10. Tiruchirappalli

Also known asTrichyand known for its majestic temples dedicated to various gods, the history of this place can be traced back to the 3rdcentury BC makes it one of the most visiting ancient cities and one of the most sacred Hindu among top 10 places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Trichy serves as the home to a number of historical structures and iconic temples that attracts a hoard of tourists from far and wide. Some of the most spectacular sights of interest here include places like – rock fort temple, Jambukeswarar temple, Uraiyur, St. John’s church and so many more. A visit here will definitely open up a whole new avenue for peace seekers and nature lovers.



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