Money Money Money, It's A Rich Man's World

Suvrorup Mukherjee
Mar 28, 2020   •  6 views

Before Abba came out and sang it, this was a well-perceived fact in society. Money, currency, bankroll became the answer to everything. The ancient civilizations thrived on the barter system : gaining a service/substance on the exchange of another. The more you had to offer, the more things you could acquire. The more you acquired the more you wanted.

This deep-seated need for possession aside, human beings do definitely have more to offer than wealth. However, the moment ambition comes to play, wealth becomes an identity of strength. We are all taught since kindergarten about the notion : survival of the fittest. It is here that on following suit our moralities and values are compromised and fall as pawns to the mighty queen copper.

It is very pitiful to note that sometimes the worthy loses it out to the power of notes. Francois Truffaut, of the New French Wave, made his magnum opus The 400 Blows/Les Quatre Cents Coups in 1959. This work made him world-renowned as he redefined prominent celluloid stereotypes. The production had a proper backing in terms of expenditure and publicity. Interestingly, an year earlier in Bengal, India, the auteur Rwitik Ghatak made a film called Runaway/Bari Theke Paliye. The film being artistic might have circulated a few festivals but barely stayed at the screens and went unnoticed. It was much later that it was noticed that these two works bear a lot of resemblance in terms of concept, themes and even scene structures. Without going into accusation of plagiarism, it is how we observe that the equally enriched work,if not better, didn’t make it to prominence for being financially unequipped.

Yes, the idea of financial stability does enforce mankind to strive for a more pragmatic world. But how long till we give up our dreams and passions due to fear of precedence?