The monsoon is expected to hit the Indian coast by the second week of June.Apart from relieving us from the scotching heat, monsoon does much more to us. The cold lazy mornings filled with the music of rain, green sprouts in the surroundings ...monsoon is an emotion in the south.

Yes for the past few years monsoon did scare us also. The Chennai floods and the Kerala flood of 2018 were monstrous. We spent days without power supply in knee-deep water. We are yet to recover fully from that calamity. Even then we expect this year’s monsoon with sweet smiles and nostalgic remembrances.

The things people like to do in rains are as diverse as the people we have around us. From dancing, to eating ice-cream/chai with pakodas, we have well made plans when the rain hits the ground. Travelling is the most wonderful of the things to do during the prolonged rains of monsoon. But many despise the travelling during the rain for its slippery paths and wet clothes. But that’s the beauty of those travels. The vast geography of India presents a wide variety of locations to visit this season. Monsoon somehow enhances the beauty of these locations. It is a terrible miss not to visit these places during pick one and pack your bags!!!

1. Matheran, Maharashtra

2. Amboli, Maharashtra

3.Raigarh fort, Maharashtra

4. The North East

5. Silent valley National Park, Kerala

6. Munnar, Kerala

7. Hogenakkal falls, Karnataka

8. Coorg, Karnataka

9. Valley of Flowers, Utharakhand

10. Kodagu, Karnataka

11. Kuttanadu, Kerala

12. Kuruva Islands, Kerala

13. Darjeeling, West Bengal

14. Andaman &Nicobar Islands

15. Lakshadweep Islands

These are only a few to select from the vast Indian subcontinent to select. Though these monsoon wanderings offer a different experience altogether, certain cautions must be taken before you visit a place. Always listen to the weather forecasting reports. If there are any alerts announced in a particular region, avoid visiting these regions. Your bag must always have one umbrella, a raincoat, plastic carry bags to keep your electronic equipments and a good pair of gum boots. Necessary medicines must also be carried as monsoon also marks the peak time for water borne diseases. Watch out the water you drink and the food you eat.These are very easier cautions you can take but are often neglected.Hence be mindful of these . Let no one and nothing come in between you, monsoon and your journeys.

Enjoy ..have a great monsoon ahead.