Let us start off with a brief introduction of sports psychology. Sports psychology involves helping sports people maintain the right state of mind to achieve peak performance.

A variety of focus areas exist.

What is the ideal state of mind ?
Several factors determine the success of a sportsperson.One of them being the state of mind. It is essential to keep emotions under control and cope with stress to maintain an optimal state of mind. Burn out is kept at an arms distance with proper anxiety control. Optimal levels of stress boosts performance, while too much or too little of the same is unhelpful.

What triggers consistent performance ?
That being said, staying motivated is also key. There are a myriad of things an athelete gets to do when fame adorns them, including adverstising campaigns, working as models or ambassadors for organisations etc. This is where the sports psychologist jumps in and helps the athelete to focus on what matters.

What happens when success gets to your head ?
Success could be a deterant in itself when taken too seriously.Motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic is vital to keep the player going. A Sports psychologist helps to enhance motivation as well.

A success story has commas and not full stops
Injury is an inevitable part of a sportsperson s life. One can get bounce back with resilience and good rehabilitation.



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