Become Skilled In English In 3 Weeks Only!

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Jul 03, 2019   •  7 views

It is not an unknown fact that English is the most common mode of communication in today's world. It's a simple language to learn and it proves itself to be very useful in numerous fields. So if you are looking to master this language quickly and improve your basic english skills, here are a few methods that might help you in your endeavour .

1. Motivation Is The Key- The first and foremost thing that you need in order to master any language is the strong passionate need to learn it and here's why. A lot of practice is needed for mastering any language and that comes easy only when you are truly passionate about learning it. You need strong motivation that will come from the urge to learn and once you have that, you are good to go!

2. Phrases Matter- I am assuming that you already know the alphabets well and are good with the basic English words. What you should focus on is learning phrases and their meaning more than on mugging random words up. Look up a bunch of phrases everyday, note them down and learn to implement them when you communicate in English.

3. Grammar Is Important- Get hold of a grammar book and get to know the basic rules. However, don't try to apply them mechanically. Follow patterns and similarities and practice a lot! What really helps is correcting wrong grammar. It will definitely help you increase your grammar skills. So practice, practice and then practice some more.

4. Listen And Watch- One very effective way of learning English is doing it subconsciously. Watch lots of English movies and listen to English songs. You will be surprised by the quick effect it will have on your sense of using English in your everyday life. Using correct English to communicate will come naturally to you as your subconscious mind is used to listening to English and can now help you in implementing it properly as well.

5. Don't Forget To Read- Reading will again have a high positive impact on your sense of English words. It will give you an idea of how any word can be spelled. As you read more and more content in English, you get used to patterns and similarities between similar words and thus notice a massive change in your spelling skills. So if you are weak in spelling words, worry not, read and read and you will be surprised to see how you stop making spelling errors at all!

6. Chatting Helps- If you are trying to master English, one thing you should most definitely do is keep communicating in English. Chat online or offline with your friends and family in English whether or not you are able to speak absolutely correct English. Make mistakes, learn from them and implement them. Speaking in English will break your discomfort with the language and will help you learn the language easily!

7. Write, Write, Write- Whatever English you learn will all go in waste if you do not practice it. And how do you do that? You write content in English. Write whatever pleases you and get it corrected by your friend who knows English well so that you may recognise your areas of weakness( if they exist that is). Write away to glory and see how you slowly become very comfortable with English just like your mother tongue.

8. A Compact - "What You Should Do" - I am assuming that all the basic alphabets and words in English are known to you. Now what you should do is dedicate 3 weeks completely, make a routine and follow each of the above methods ardently everyday for 3 weeks straight. I can guarantee you that at the end of 3 weeks, you will have developed your skills in English immensely and will now be confident enough and be able to communicate in English anywhere and everywhere fluently.



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