5 Major Plotholes In Game Of Thrones

Sujana Pal
Apr 14, 2019   •  151 views

One of the best shows to be ever aired, Game Of Thrones is a captivating blend of excellent cinematography, brilliant acting and mind blowing storyline. The violence, the gruesome deaths, the graphic nudity keeps the audience hooked to the show till the very end. Despite the fantastic combination that Game Of Thrones is, like every show suffers few loopholes. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. The Crown of Gold

In season 1, we witnessed the gruesome death of Viserys Targaryen at the hands of Khal Drogo. While the Dothraki men held Viserys down, the Khal melted some of his gold medallions in a pewter bowl. Within a few seconds, the gold melted into a slushy liquid that was then poured on Viserys' head thus ultimately killing him.

But the science doesn't quite add up. Melting gold over a cooking fire? That's too gibberish. The fact that gold melts so easily over cooking fire without damaging the pewter bowl demands some serious explanation.

2. Winterfell's Weather Anomaly

Remember Stannis Baratheon's failed attempt to capture Winterfell? The northernmost part of Westeros is known for its shivering cold, long winters and heavy blizzards. Even Lady Mellisandre's sacrifice of Shireen to the Lord of Fire couldn't save the army from the bone chilling cold.

Fast forward to the Battle of Bastards. The weather was perfectly sunny when Jon Snow's army prepared to seize Winterfell from the Boltons. Unless Winterfell experiences serious global warming problems, you can't explain why the weather suddenly warmed up on the day of the epic battle.

3. Robb and Talisa's Wedding Vows

Since time immemorial, the Starks have worshipped the Old Gods. Talisa was from Volantis, a place where the religions of Westeros hold no significance or familiarity. Yet, Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr got married by the Septon of Seven and even recited the vows of Seven. Considering the fact that neither of them were devout worshippers of the Seven, it makes no sense why they would swear by the religion they are barely connected to and even utter the vows as if they had known it all their lives.

4. Cersei and the Wildfire

Cersei Lannister's vengeance knows no bounds. Remember the time Cersei brought down the entire Sept of Baelor and even the Tyrells along with it? It seems a little strange that Jaime Lannister who singlehandedly destroyed the pyromancers during the Mad King's reign had no idea that his own sister was playing with the fire right under his nose. Also, where was Lord Varys and Littlefinger? We're the men who prided themselves in knowing all the dirty secrets of the kingdom really ignorant about the existence of such a potential explosive?

5.The Waif

If there's one thing that Jaqen H'ghar repeatedly stressed on, it was giving up your identity. To become one of the Faceless Men, Arya Stark needed to give up her identity, let go of her emotions and become a new person in entirety. The Waif , a devout of the Faceless Gods seems to be an exception in this respect. Not only did she hate Arya Stark, but with her continuous undermining of Arya and mad zeal to kill her proved that she couldn't shed her emotions. Pretty strange, how she remained in the House of Black and White, isn't it?



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