To The One I Think Before I Go To Sleep...

Subathra Kamaraj
May 12, 2020   •  19 views

⁣⁣To the one I think before I go to sleep..... ⁣

⁣Nothing could be more beautiful than the thought of you which always loops in my mind admist the external circumstances.⁣

⁣As I go to sleep everyday placing my head calmly on my pillow with my headphones plugged in playing my favorite melody and the ceiling fans that keeps whirling, that single thought of you invading my mind would take me off the track of all other chacos that my day has undergone.⁣

⁣I still remember how you embraced me when my entire life was crumpled. I found you standing there with your arms wide open waiting for me to be tucked in you.⁣

⁣Finally when I ran into your arms and got a hold of you, you made me feel light by letting out my unexpressed feelings as words. That's when I realized the writer in me.⁣

⁣I would never forget my days by the side of the window with the gush of wind repeatedy hitting my face bringing back the things that weighs me down, but then it was your presence that made me light and calm.⁣

⁣Never even in my wildest dreams I have thought of holding a pen as an aspiring accidetal author. Not now, not never. But then things happened and the universe magically connected the dots to take me where I am now.⁣

⁣And today when I have taken the next step of letting my love for you take shape as an novel, I am desperately waiting for the day when I would hold you in my arms close to my heart to feel the essence of hardwork and love I have put in you. ⁣

⁣As of now I just want you to stay in my head and heart with the hope that you would be unleashed into reality when the right time hits the destiny's clock. That's only so much I could do.⁣

⁣When the universe finally takes into account of all tireless efforts I have put on you thereby making the destiny's clock tik in my favour, all the dreams that my eyes have projected to my ceiling would definitely turn into reality with flying colors.⁣

⁣Needless to say, when it's time to walk down the aisles with my head held high for what I have accomplished , I promise we would be the cynosure of all eyes looking at us. ⁣

Yours lovingly, ⁣⁣

A dreamer with tonnes of hope! ⁣ ⁣