I was quiet normal doing my works at home, enjoying TV shows, chatting with my family and friends. Days were normal as before. But the moment I was struck with the calendar showing March 23, I felt a kind of melancholy running in my heart. My heart along with my thoughts started running down my memory lane of those 4 years of engineering life. My pen started registering all my memories that echoed in my heart in the form of writing....

"Finally we were done with that herculean task” Yep !! those scary board exams came to an end and I walked with an eye filled with emotions and other looking forward for my future. Although I managed to hide my feelings for those idiots my tears revealed my heart. Standing near my classroom I felt all those precious and golden memories melting my heart. I walked all through my school campus gathering those enthralling memories. And finally the time has come and I stepped out of the school leaving my heart over there.

Every minute of my holidays passed with scary heart beat questioning me "What are going to pursue next?” Obviously "Medical" replied my passion. Though I was confident enough, sometimes that "What if it doesn't work out?" flashed through my thoughts. Somehow I managed to feed my what if thoughts with self confidence. Days passed and I was confident enough to motivate myself that I would definitely go for medical.

That morning was completely filled with surprises. I woke up with my thoughts filled with excitement and heart filled with fear. Yeah!! It was the day of my board exam results. The clock seemed to move slowly but my heart beats were beating faster than ever. Finally the results came.... I convinced myself to see the results without any agitation. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt so wretched when I found myself unable to fulfill my medical cut off. Felt like my dreams were shattered and above all the guilty feeling that I have betrayed my parents dream of seeing their daughter as a Doctor made me get dejected.

To my surprise my parents told "God wants you to shine in some other field....go fight for that my girl....never give up" Wow!!! l am proudly blessed to have such an amazing parents who would never demotivate me in any aspects.

Finally I decided to go for engineering and I choose Civil Engineering out of my father's wish because my father's decision for me will never go wrong. But even after accept his decision; seriously I don't have any idea about what I am going to do with this bloody civil engineering. Even then I got into it with the firm hope that my mama and papa gave me.

With no idea of what I am going to do, I took the back seat of my dad's bike. Heart filled with the thought that no matter what, I am going to shine one day and eyes filled with tears I waved my hands to my father who was standing near the window of the bus. Yes!! It was the first day to my college and took my college bus. When I entered the campus I felt like I was thrown into forest where I can't even recognize single creature. I knew nothing in prior like where to go, whom to meet and what to do. And at the end of the day I found my habitat in that forest. Yes!! I found my classroom. I was all alone in that class. Everybody started entering the classroom one by one ,but me still with that stunned face was sitting in the desk. Somehow after an hour I started talking with my classmates. As the time passed I reached home after my college is over.

At home, my mom greeted me with the news that I never expected. By God's grace I had a call letter for BDS counseling!!! I Jumped out of joy and excitement. But to my misfortune it was Self Finance. I don't want to give any financial burden to my parents and so I told them that I am not interested in going for Dental. Even then I felt happy that I had given my parents at least this chance of receiving a call letter.

Days passed by going to college and attending lectures. I started mingling with my friends and we started having a good bonding. My first bonding started with Malar, those Engineering Graphics classes made us closer. Eventually I had a good attachment with her. Many others joined Siva, Rash and all.... When everything was in its right track, the time to meet the devil arrived. Absolutely!! It was my semester

exams. OMG!!! Somehow I managed to get through my exams. Days passed with not much of the memories gathered. Though we guys were not close in the beginning when we entered our department we eventually started getting closer.

All of a sudden a new coconut tree joined our garden. My thoughts were like what a silent girl she is, doing all her assignments on time, speaking good words, might be a very calm girl my heart whelmed. Second year of engineering passed with those fun filled MOS and SOM classes. Even birds joined us in the class by having its nest in our class room. But to my surprise even it was intelligent enough to fly during lectures in search of food. OMG!! Even those creatures can't bear it!!! But we had no other go.

It was our fate to attend those classes. The only thing that brought satisfaction was " I am a senior " but you know what this sentence to till date has not brought us any offerings or subsidy in any aspect. Days passed with an empty feeling of being a senior. Though I was put in strict college that would impose limitations on us in all aspects, we still managed to make memories out of those idiotic rules. One among them was my batch's atrocities during all labs. Those funny talks during casting, playing with the nozzles in hydraulics lab, singing songs and standing ideal in that scorching sun during survey lab and many others.

Soil lab holds among those unforgettable atrocities, were my only job was to make bunch of graphs for the experiments, to my batch mates and Siva tops the list. Oh! God where will this stupid throw all the graphs I drew for her?? But by that time we don't that we were making memories. Finally I crossed half the path of engineering. Yeah! I entered pre final year. Even the pendulum would oscillate once in a while, but my thoughts were oscillating like a hell about what I am going to do next. To add fire to this, voices from outside where like “What are you going to do next placement or higher studies???” which was highly irritating.

I choose placement because my aim was to become an Entrepreneur. Even then I waved among my various decisions that I was supposed take considering my family circumstances. But still, heart was filled completely with those entrepreneurial thoughts. P re final year saw it's enjoyment to the peak... Each and every one of us started to interlace to a greater extent. We started moving out for colleges for competition. We learned a lot and also earned a lot.

As like a coconut tree that joined our garden during second year another personality instead joining our garden it itself became our total garden...Guess whom??? It's none other than FOOOOD....Those moments of eating in Canteen during lunch holds the best memory ever and evening snacks where whole sale purchase of Vada was made to feed our hunger.Even the FastTrack lectures were tolerated with the help of BOSE Anna's snacks. Food made us fall in love with it. All those love for food emerged because of that one coconut tree.

Even our country fails to go ahead with the statement "All are equal in the eyes of law " but we never see partiality when it comes to sleeping during lectures. Whoever is the faculty, our sleeping dominated their teaching. And this pre final year days passed with lots of memories gathered by every passing minute.

Status updated...Stories posted...We were happy and sad at same time...Guessed What??? Yep!! We finally entered final year of engineering. Only one more year left for our college days to terminate. This year, days passed with only making memories. Even taking notes during lectures was put aside. Conference call atrocities the day before exam were best among that. Though the call was made with the intension of learning, everything was shared except the technical concepts. GATE class at Madurai was one thing that was unforgettable with loads of memories.

When all others tolerated my Bla- Bla- Bla speaking only during the class hours, it was Rash’s fate to tolerate that even during travel in bus. My mouth kept blabbering what my mind thought and really it takes lot of effort for her to pretend listening to me. No matter what, she would listen to my boring talking’s with patience and that two seat in front of the bus gave us many memories in spite of other happenings.

Though I seemed to be very funny outside, that great responsibility of what I am going to do my parents in return kindled my soul. But my heart said you are going to give them everything to the infinity times that they gave you. With this hope I started looking forward for my career opportunities.Sometimes I felt like I can drop my passion considering my family circumstances, but still that little girl in me with that entrepreneurial thought dragged me. "God has given you this thought for a reason” I

stated to myself with lots of confidence that rose with the hope that my mama and papa gave on the very beginning of this engineering journey.

Life has thought lots of lessons during these 4 years of life………………..
laughter,sadness,memories gained,memories felt, friendship gained, friendship lost,trust broken, promises kept,meet strangers ,left loved ones,loved ones left us,goals set,goals attained,goals in progress,atrocities with friends,silly fights,tight hugs,rolling laughter’s,intense anger,Cool advice, Sighting with friends,Nicknames,Fighting for eating,Trips Planned,Trips cancelled,Trips that are in progress,love,friendship,anger,ego,silence,care,affection and many others.

Whatever it might be……….All those are Memories Cherished. To all your surprise I started this writing with the pronoun "I" and eventually found myself ending with the pronoun "We", even without my consciousness. That's the power of those memories cherished together in this 4 years of engineering life.

Let me thank god for providing me bunch of lovable friends. The technical learning may vanish...Nope let me correct it, for sure it vanishes but these memories cherished would never vanish. Wishing each and everyone one of my friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous personal and professional life ahead....

And now again, I am leaving this place with an eye filled with emotions and another filled with passionate professional goals.