Ways to live your life healthy


Health is wealth! Is something I believe. For me, health is divided into two 1- Physical 2- Mental.

1- Physical health: For me physical health is nothing but sitting in the restroom comfortably every morning; I'm feeling and doing it .i.e I'm free of constipation.

For this to happen, I drink lot of water everyday; which everyone should do - must follow. I sleep for eight hours, bath with hot water every morning, and don't travel for work (from past eight months).

Due to routine of diet now my fat (belly) at waist got decreased and I'm slim now.

2 - Mental health: For me, Mental health has further divisions or the categories commenting on which we can draw some conclusion roughly.

They are as follows:

a) Parents

b) Friends

c) School for students/ organisation for working professionals

c) Relatives

d) Society or environment.

e) Mostly confusing proverbs, thoughts, sayings and quotes.


a) Parents: For everyone their parents their gods. For me they are frauds who didn't give me the childhood which they've promised before giving birth to me. Even now, I'm not feeling like going back to them.

From/through them, I've received lot of mental sufferings for a span of two decades and still continuing.

Though it's a never ending cycle I'm limiting it to home and have come out to a far village for work with a hope that I'll get peace. But due to other mentioned reasons, I'm losing again.

b) Friends: Who care and for whom we care are sufficient than having them in numbers. I've handful and they know me well. Whom i consider may not accept me. Who accept me may not consider me. But I'm least bothered.


c) Organisations we are working for:

Because we spend all day there, that environment has major effects on mind and body. By eating and sleeping we can avoid physical concerns and heal minor physical aches. What about mental issues? How can we care for? How can we cure?

I'm sure that these are the general queries most of the people will have. Let's discuss!

*** Aegis - 2014 July to March 2015. My first job and organisation. I was working for Beam internet customer service. I never had fights because I was submissive to my colleagues.

*** Sutherland - June 2015 to September 2015. My second organisation where I was supporting indian UBER drivers via email. I've received many negative emails. And had faught with my senior colleague too and argued with my team leader. I was fired or terminated.

*** Then in October 2015, I've joined SIA publications in Koti and within ten days I left because of my colleague.

*** Then I've joined Turiya in November 2015 where I was appreciated and has learnt things for couple of months. By February the company was shattered and shut.

*** May June July of 2016 was in Ahmedabad in Motif. I had to run away due to eBay and it's customers. Here I've learnt that most of the Indians who purchase online are the most cheapest category of individuals.

*** Then I've joined Amazon in Hyderabad and it was Kindle email support. I was fired or terminated in 2016 December due to negative emails.

- - - Two fights so far. One in Sutherland and another in Sia publications, Koti.

2017 has arrived. I was jobless. For a month, in March I did some data entry and left it. Never was my bid accepted for freelancing. And I couldn't do any internship as I'm doing now. I remember, I've applied and was called for the same in Ameerpet someday.

By June, I have successfully finished my seven years in Engineeringand cleared it too,my books got published by create space on Amazon.

*** In the month of July I went to Bangalore to join an HR firm. I did, but left it in ten days. I got two offers and has opted for "firstsource" in Bellandur. Here, I was fighting with my team leader and other team leader. It was always the fight and the complains. By February 2018, the process was about to shut down. It did. I had to search for another job.

*** Joined concentrix. And the process there got shut down within three months. In the end, I had to fight with my senior colleagues and wrote a letter against Manager to the HR. By May, I was done with these BPO's.

*** In July, I joined a school. In a village of Malwara, Rajasthan, 343039. Here for every other problem, even for other's problem, I had to quarrel with my Principal.

It is present!

Apart from this, I've to manage with my colleagues in a school hostel and I'm doing it. With the children here, I'm suffering a lot.

Let me clarify; here there are no competitions at all and to bring them to action I had to fight. To make corrections in system I had to fight.

c) Relatives: For me relatives are someone who visit me or vice versa - once in a year or in two years and talk almost never.

But they ask me my earnings which bothers me, objects me.

Who the **** are they to give me free suggestions?

They made one ****ING group where they post something which is irrelevant to me. I left the group.

No contact, no botherings no worries.

d) Society or the environment: Apart from the above mentioned formal headings and subheadings, to keep myself healthy, I need to tackle the Society with abilities and skills I may not hold but I need to show, pretend. To win it, I've to give it what it needs(the Society).

- To celebrate, I've asked my students to bring chocolates and gave three hundred rupees. They purchased chocolates but the shopkeeper has given them the expired ones. Cadbury dairy milk and 5 star. The next day I had to go back to the shop for exchange.

One of my hostel colleagues has run away with some money of the school owner for whom they are coming everyday and making neusense. I can't stop it but to see. I'm just doing it with all my patience.

- When I was in Hyderabad, everyday I've encountered a fight in bus. Either with me or with co-passenger. I could do nothing but watching it.

- I'm a Hindu and obviously would visit, should visit TEMPLES. Due to increase in number of visitors the security formalities have been made strict. And the priests are making lot of dramas inside them for the sake of money.

I've encountered lot of bullshit, horse shit, human shit in human behaviour in the humans available there and premises. In TIRUPATI, KASHI, UJJAIN, and many other temples where I've literally scolded them on their faces. In the shops, with the shopkeepers.

By and by in life I fought with everyone at every stage.

e) Mostly confusing proverbs, thoughts, sayings, and quotes: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, slogans, hoardings, poetry, photography, sketches, statements used by people, and all the verbiage, the garbage swells my mind.

Without diversions, I follow my mind. The straight path of being peaceful. Never to get hurt, avoid and ignore rules. People observe my physical condition, comment on my dress and hairstyles, the dandruff I have, the rules I follow and at the end say "he never listen to anyone".

I'd get nothing if I mind and ammend their words. I cannot satisfy and please everyone everyday. I cannot do it for even myself . i.e I can never satisfy myself everyday. Hence, I believe in accepting the life as it comes. Which leaves me dress free. I believe in accepting the opportunity and react on it immediately.

Example: I thought to apply for internships, I did and got one offer. I am waiting till it gets completed.

Similarly I've reacted for every essay and poetry competition, Sketches I'm publishing from 2017 July in three magazines, WOTISART, AVERAGE ART and A5 magazine.


I live my life lazily, leasurely, as I want, and the way I want without botherings, searching for peace and avoiding everyone. I sleep in afternoon, I sleep at night, I go to school, teach on my terms, and come back to write poetry, take photographs and apply for all the competitions and watching dreams.