Small Coincidences Argue Their Existence, Large Coincidences Discuss!

Aaj Ki Khaish Adhoori Hi
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Small coincidences argue their existence, large coincidences discuss!

Looking at the formation of crystalline structures in his heart, he thought they're diamonds-reflecting the light rays back and forth. He forgot that the diamond is a carbon compound and carbon is respirators out from chambers.


I'm a teacher in a village Malwara of Raniwara tehsil in the district of Jalore. Golden Dream Children School where I'm provided with Boarding-Lodging and 15000 INR. I sleep in the afternoon and teach in the evening again and spend time with myself too. I do poetry, photography, and has begun participating in essays from the month of August.

I'm single and unmarried. Soon I'll be married, I'll have a wife and time to spend with her. Time to visit my parents too.

From July 1 2017 to May 2 2018, I was in Bangalore, a state capital of Karnataka and one of metropolitan cities. I've been to events like karioke (singing), stand-up-comedy (both to participate and perform).

I was always alone there.

Started composing lyrics. And with time, fell for a girl and was composing for her. The passion for songs, art-sketches-canvas, classical dance grew wilder. What not I've seen. But I was always hungry. Never got a cuisine to lick my fingers! Apart from restaurants spending my earnings. I don't deny the magic; but it was empty or I was? I am!...

Well! I'm... prosperous now or being Prosperous or living prosperous is something uttered by others after someone dies? I'm unaware about uncertain.

I've always encountered the rich wife and husband playing "candy crush" in the Golden bay of Multiplexes.

In the barter system, in the older India-golden India, we've attained all prosperity already. What we're running for and behind is foolishness.

A literal sarcasm I've to speak about as a human. Where people have no aims and goals (at least in India) apart from becoming either IIT ans or getting government job. Those who are skilled and talented are on YouTube and the infinite social apps providing platform to summarise their buttoned skills. I'm proud to be one amongst.

Discussing further about the "so called" open market: we are living in imagination dreaming about artificial intelligence, MARS and VENUS.

From the centuries, many species are being killed. Still we humans are literal failures, failed to kill mosquitoes and lying in hospitals with MALARIAL FEVERS SSS.

"Poverty" not irrelevant to prosperity, is leading human societies and countries for millenniums, and we're discussing about open market here!....

Focusing on open market:

I was working in MNCs like Sutherland, Amazon, First Source and Concentrix. I've observed blind, deaf and dumb knocking each other. They had cars to travel -bars to dine and surely were immersed in prosperity; If it is called so!

Eating no tablets for migraine, not drinking alcohol, sleeping ten hours a day isn't health for me. It's more than prosperity. Feeling me, feeling only me with all my active senses, realising and achieving my aims by achieving levels in maturity, doing my work peacefully everyday is all I can or would relate myself to.

Existence of open market:

By the way, is it now we're learning about, haven't we read about the trade via silk route.

In the fifteenth century India, in the reign of Sri Krishna Devaraya diamonds were sold on roads.


Was the essay about an individual prosperity with respect to the open market and the economic growth or about the prosperity of mankind?

As I've mentioned, human always wanted something extra/ extraordinary because the ordinary has never sufficied him. Similar is the present market.

* In Japan 60 percentage of people lead lonely lives.

* In another country, a minister has been allocated for lonely and depressed people.

If we're speaking about the prosperity of mankind then the other topic to be mentioned about is not the open market. Neither in the history nor in the economics the mankind has attained prosperity.

Of it is about an individual, then the attained statures are dream dramatically and were imaginary. Even though; if existed, were just for decade or so...

Let him be merry

Not only on Christmas Eve

Let him be happy

Not only in married life

Let him be free

Not only after death

Let him be a tree

Of prosperity

Giving shadow

"Not haunting his own"

Let him be free of disease

Not because medicine is developed

But because he's tired of running to hospital

Let him be friends

With animals

And not to torture them

With xyz experimental medicines.

Let him be a great scientist

By killing mosquitoes

Making them extinct species

Than to boast off visiting

Solar system.

Nothing more to discuss.

Golden Dream Children School

Malwara (R)