Room 7


How come, we've not noticed, there's a Room from past many decades.

Seems rotten, broken, shaken etc. It must be the same room which was from decades was home to many beggars. Why not to search and find, what those many beggars have hidden.

See new beggar is going out of the room. Let'sinquire, what is he doing here and what is this rotten and broken room meant to him.

How are you? What you do regularly?

"I'm a beggar sir! Noble beggar. I just beg sir! Without harming others."

What is Noble beggar?

"Noble beggar is nothing but just I quoted, Noble because many jobs are there which harm others some way or other, but the Noble begging never and didn't."

Can you give examples of how the other professions harm many others?

"Sir, consider a ""LIC Policy salesman"", he, in order to fill his stomach telling lot many lies. To convince people for his policies. If they work better for the person, its good, otherwise sir!?...

Consider a temple sir which puts on the mike and disturbs every other citizen, who with their nonsense creates nuisance and disturbs others.

Isn't that a sin sir?

The mediator who earns between farmer and seller, hiking prices to fill his stomach sir.

World is full of these sort of examples sir?"

From how many years you have been here?

"From a decade sir."

What is this room to you?

"It's my father sir, not only a shelter, but my regular necessities are filled.

Now I do not beg sir, but due to the Room, whatever I've been saving from decade, sir is worth my life."

Come again!

"It's like I used to beg form morning sir, at evening, coming to room, I used to sell the glass bottles I find sir, the newspapers, which, a many people leave on streets, buses, anywhere and everywhere. I collected them and sold sir.

After few years, I was well with amounts, and enough for living, I startd to collect all instead of begging and I am now a well known tradesman of old newspapers, bottles etc."

Now, if this is it then why you are begging.

"In between my life/Meanwhile I feel like being in my old profession sir, It's been a year since I beg. Even today I was in a mood to remember my Noble begging, and I am going out sir.".