Room 5


There was a old house scattered to logs and bricks about/almost all except a few, say two or three roof tops of two or three rooms.

The old house was near the street near to the railway station of the town. railway station was popular due to inverse in populations of town, frequent running trains and passengers.

But the nearby street was left alone, to be old-hence the nearby house.

One fine evening, the sun was orange, blue was the sky, train came and a passenger alone. With a bag and few books he read in the journey and the newspaper of that morning-entered the town.

He left the railway station and wandered in search of shelter for some time and being exhausted, entered the old house near the old street in the town.



room 4 is yet to write///

Old house was like an old grave of time, broken, but time has stored many of secrets in it.

One was stored in our old room which was alive, still, where our strange friend is now sleeping in its warm shelter, where 'once upon a time- many of the love and romances lived their beauty, and where many of the blessings and dreams turned true'.

And similar was a nightmare, the stranger never had, ever, 'was the fall of the broken room'.

The brave man never feared since, the room was only of the logs, 'even fall' will not hurt.The next morning it happened that he was ready to awake but even was on a mat.

It was too old followed by many holes as our leopards have black patches on them, few holes were big, which fortunately made him view a sheet of paper.

It was a suicide note of a boy and a girl- a decade ago on same day.

He inquired the neighbors, the old ones. He thought from them he might receive answer but was waste of time. He lost all hopes remained with thirst and hunger in the evening.

"Even waste of time sometimes bring wonders to mind's thoughts". Similar was here, in inquiry he find that the house was empty from more than a decade, none of its heirs are known, therefore none has come never to be in it.

In evening after dinner he slept with smile and thought that he will search the room for the clue.

Till tomorrow, the next day, he was work less, but now he is going to be famous.

He found an article, the same in the newspaper which he has.

With a details and a replica was produced by a couple, in the newspaper.

He returned them back and received a prize and work to do. And the land was owned by that couple which was about to commit suicide.

The room was now their room.