Random Story In Bus Journey From Ahmedabad To Indore

Aaj Ki Khaish Adhoori Hi
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Random story in bus journey from Ahmedabad to indore

To cry for sometime, she has come to the park. She cried a lot and lot wetting her kerchiefs. Her breasts were heavy. Her navel was empty with no desire left to be touched - to be kissed.

She hears to a Hindi song

Taraste hue bichade Naina re

Baraste hue Sholay Aandhi me

Lipatne Ko Dil tere Aanchal se

Samate na ab ye muskaan hi

Samete hue sare Armaan hi

Kashish ye bati

Dhagon me

Tarashe hue kaatil

Aanchal se

She felt her own self

In a male version.

She got up to meet him. But there was no one.

Finding none there she just felt heartbroken and was fainted.

Looking at which the god and goddesses themselves cried.

She woke up and got up to move. And she finds a sim card.

She was very much pleased for a moment thinking she found him. She has fixed the sim to her phone only to find that he has affairs with women at the age of 26.

Within half of an hour she has received ten calls asking him to come to them. She has ejected the card and started listening to all the calls she has received and has recorded.

"love which has sex

Sex which doesn't have lust

Lust, which isn't a cause for the meeting

Love which has passion and emotion

The tender bubbles in the veins which ask him to kiss her breasts

Pinch her waist

To clasp with her beauty

To grab her waist

With the secret whisper

She wants to listen"

And she found all those women are above 35 where she's of forty. For next two hours she has phoned all those women and she has learnt every detail about him. It was them whom came to him individually, themselves- asking to love.

The love that they've seen in his eyes

In the polite behaviour

In the manners

In those glimpses

In which he has never seen but her face

The trust

The strength

Which he has given

The confidence

His eyes has given

And what not

The selfless kisses

Her lips has received

And while kissing those lips

Her breasts were not pressed

Nor her genitals were pinched

Now she was scared of falling for him. She smiled. Laughed to herself. Now she was waiting for his call.

She went to her house and set herself in the bathtub for many hours singing the song. At 9 pm she hears the vibrating sound and receive the call. It was him. He said "may I get my sim card please."

She was eager to meet him. She got dressed and opened the door to see her husband drunk.

He slapped her and asked " where are you going bithch?"

She smiled and pulled him inside. Asked him to sleep and made him sleep in her lap.

The night passed with few more slaps.

The next morning she told him the story and told that she's not happy not satisfied with him.

Listening to the story and her confession that she has fallen for him he said, "this is my last kiss to you and you're free to go." He went in to balcony and has jumped.

His suicide has left her deceased, decaying and thirsty. She was homeless and helpless.

The next day he, the owner of the sim card has come to collect from her. By reciting her yesterday she has asked him his tomorrow for which he said, "I've slept with many women and I've to continue for a cause that they need me." She agreed to it and has begun an open married relationship.

She never went to anyone except to him and he has given her the same honesty and loyalty he gave to every other women. Few days later she realised that the concern he has for her is same as the love he's giving to everyone. But, she was married now and was in need of more love which every woman expect and need.

For this he said, "as I've married you, I'm your husband and you're my wife but the love I'm giving to you is the same I'm giving to everyone and this was the same reason you've fallen for me." She was hurt for sometime but she is understood. The lovemaking between the couple was so simple that she was always smiling. It filled her empty waist and has lightened her heavy heart.

But this is not the end of the story.

She has given birth to a baby and her daughter arrives to see her.

Yes, she has a daughter from her first husband who has committed suicide.

The daughter was aware of the story but was unaware of the person whom she married.

They met that evening and everything was into pieces again. He already had physical relationship with his wife's daughter as well.

They discussed. Discussion solves the problem. And they decided to continue everything as it was before.

Now they make love everyday and it was always a threesome.

Sixth November

In the bus to indore