Research Paper Photography


After many days of experiment and experience

I've come to a conclusion-

photograph is always a photograph

can never be exact as my eye see...

especially when shooting nature or sky...!


I see the evening, at around 7 pm

In Ahmadabad, it is good.

good are variations

good are hue

awesome was combination.

Flare of sun, hope of shine

behind the clouds

hope of shine rush through

In flares, open its wings and shades

on sparkling roads.

still I feel "what I see cannot the camera"

4th june

If place is bright or in day light

The photograph proved good.

20 august 2016.

I see photos and photography on

I feel the art as complex as poetry.

IN a single glace if attracted fine to see

else leave...

''the single glance"


20 august 20 pm

While voting on

Rule of thirds

I observed that voting should not

only be according to our like of it

Simultainously it should follow the topic

For which the photo is entered.


I am on

I am voting the closed challenges and contests

The levels of voting I feel is

1) see the photo

2) choose the photo if it suits the contest or challenge

3) like ( if you like the photo beyond the voting level )

4) award the photo

5) write comment


Photography is just not something which we see at random!


Photography is a secret mission. To be untold!

Yes, I secretly on the video mode and thereafter take the photos.

Sometimes just by pressing the snap and sometimes by using vlc media player. Its not only a secret desire, its a burning passion which eats the mind like any addiction.

Mind always looks for any photograph through eyes.

Its not a mind game instead a blind game which may make one blind for photography.



Nowadays, I'm completely indulged in Photography.

Recently, I was taking photos from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad (Train) as well. which is the best thing as I've received best photos.

Further, I've been to Hyderabad exhibition and again I've been taking photos.

The above both practices might've haunting me which in turn initiated a dream today morning.

It was that I was in AC compartment but the glass was not there, instead there was a plastic sheet which was fluttering due to which I was not able to take photos of some incident which was taking place, where army was encountering with the antisocial elements.

"and I was unable to take photos".

I find photography very difficult in today's dream. that's all.

30-jan 2017

30 June 2018

I've seen

Wide and distant landscapes

I've seen

Villages and women

I was completely immersed in

The thoughts of loving women

On a hill, on the grass

In the tree shade

On the dry hey

As a published photographer

I might be getting the ideas of the same

Yes, but the love I'll I shall

Make in the sunlight

On the hill

In the tree shade

In the village

Where there's no human