Learning English for getting job:

English is a language as other Indian languages are. Depending upon the similarities we can learn our indian languages. But it takes time to learn English because it's a foreign language.

No worries, let's learn English in a easy way.

- Self introduction

The easiest and the most useful.

My name is

My father's name is

My mother's name is

My father's occupation is

My mother's occupation is

I was born on

I am --- years old.

My hobby is

My interests are

My strengths are

My weaknesses are

My educational qualifications

My work experience

(For interviews)

After self introduction, we can discuss letter writing.


The principal, the team leader, the manager

Of xyz organisation



Respected Team/ Sir/ Madam

Body or content of letter

Yours sincerely

Yours faithfully

Yours obediently

Name and signature...

- Learning with the help of simple things.

Description of dress!

Description of your college/village/school/ organisation etc.

Start writing ten lines on some topic everyday to learn English everyday.




Your best friend


Are the easiest topics you can write and think.

Reading rhymes and short stories will help you more building up your vocabulary.

This particular practice for a couple of months will teach you some English.

- - -

The next step should be reading newspaper and writing your thoughts down. In case if you're practing reading and writing of essays, it could bring more positive results.

Essay writing:

Any essay has few major parts.

- introduction

- advantages

- disadvantages

(Depending on topic)

- concept

- Experiments

- live example

- conclusion/results

After successful completion of essays one can move towards the Project works.

Project work is something which will be useful at every competitive step in the open market. By doing project work, we learn many things. And by doing it repeatedly you can possibly learn to write professionally.

Project work includes






Live examples


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