23-11-2018 Adult

She doesn't know

With her presence

The fragrance of her sweat come

She doesn't know she's dark

And I imagine her hair

Over there

She's not aware

I care for her

And am ready to bear

Not naked

Not bear

But I want her in my arms

To see her smile

To listen to her

To bother

To trust

Even in the worst times

I've supported her

Is it wrong if I imagine

Her in my arms

Not to wet my bedsheets

Just to love

Not to lust

Just to trust

Even in the times worst

I'll not propose her

Because, I've been through

Another example

Where I've asked her for marriage

And she denied

Now this girl is from some community

Where she got engaged too


Coming to the adult part

Yes, I watch porn

Sometimes romantic

Sometimes BDSM

And spitting at voyeur


I'm not a freak

Nor psycho

But I need all those

From one

Or many

Not looking for blowjob

But yes, don't mind fingeing her ass

Will be ready

To help her orgasm

With my toes

I imagine as every other man

I'm a failure

As I can never do

All the above mentioned facts

Performing is different always

I may need experience

But, I'm a fresher

And scared of going to them

The fragrance of prostitutes

But the one I like now

Will be happy smiling with her

Till she's available here

No further oversmart steps

I'd take

Just smiling with her

In her sweaty fragrance!!!