Short story - 12-9-16 Adult

It was not so far I have reached after leaving him at the brothel with his great friend "the prostitute", he contacted me saying he has received a call from his friend regarding the street which he wanted to attend, wanted me to see. I have entered her room which was full of smoke with intense sticks was because of her favorite man who not only sleeps with her but respect her too.

We went to the fight club where there were many heroes. My friend entered as the one and died earning a lakh which I have given to her. She realized her true self and left the brothel with my help running in jeans, jumping and kicking the men who tried to stop her. She not only thanked me but has given me the right to ask her for her chastity whenever I desire which was very great opportunity for me to grab the great beauty though she was of dark complexion.

'May be it was her gratitude, I understood', and her eyes were so true not disclosing any of her hurts and the thought-process which she is suffering from right now about her future. I loved her serenity and the simple smile she gave me. ... I enjoyed the literal sense of the actual beauty and the desire she untold me just by speaking few words she had in her dictionary of knowledge of linguistics.

I tried to empower her by giving her the opportunity to volunteer in an organisation where I was volunteering previously. She accepted the opportunity and went on in her life. That was the last day I saw her and I left her to her own destiny.

I do not remember the span between the last time I saw her and today when she was doing her duty as volunteer. And today in the hard heat of bright sun in the mid noon I see her dark beauty to which I was attracted and went as an iron piece to be in peace through my life.

I went to her straight away to reminded her of my right she has given. She appreciated my courage to ask her after the relation of seven months of telephonic conversations. She has come to my house which was yet to become home with her touch to me and my bed. She asked me about my marriage and my age which I had to answer yet. It was tough for me to answer her single question because I knew she cared for me and my answer may push her into the deep well of sorrow. I was sweating, so called A.C was unable to lessen my temperature not because of the heat of desire I had for her and the smell of her sweat I was enjoying, but I was little confused to form exact sentences or statements which are true and hopefully she could understand.

"I have parents, father, mother and a sister.

My father and mother always quarreled

In my childhood, I supported my mother

Later I started supporting my father,

In my teenage I thought they will opt for divorce

In my twenties I learned that they wont divorce...

It was one story.

My sister always quarreled my mother

My sister always quarreled me

My house which was never home nor peaceful.

The third story

Is my class, (middle class)

I am from and I am in.

Sorry, I cannot encourage and promote

Another family of middle class.

That's all."

She was not weeping, not because she was very bold as my friend had told me that she was never happy being a prostitute and sleeping with many men who spit on her face. But she had to support me because I was sad right now. She has not consoled me just by kissing my forehead. She initiated foreplay. It was then when I was most happy because she declared herself as my keep with my permission which I accepted with pleasure.

"I do not want to keep any vulgar poem or description of the sex after the great narration of this well told story in my belief."

The end.://