5g: A Next Generation Or A Human Curse For The Nature?

Sparsh Mehta
Feb 11, 2019   •  5 views

Modernization got a new speed since the start of internet. New ideas, better solutions, cost reduction, communication and many other aspects of life have been affected. In every few years we get this upgrade of our internet. 5G, the next generation internet connectivity is the new one, promising to make a difference in our lives and yet some also say it's going to be one of the bigest mistakes by humans in regards to the endangerment of the nature specially birds. So should we really go with 5G or is 4G the limit for us?

<5G> can provide us internet speed of around 10 gigabits per second, 100 times faster than the current 4g network, thus opening a lot of doorways. We will have smart glasses featuring augmented reality, self driving vehicles, mobile virtual reality much higher quality video etc.The Internet of Things will be making the world a smarter place although most of us will have to buy new phones.

The 4G spectrum currently in use are getting congested and hence leading to breakdown is service, one of the main reason for the start 5G.

But, pros come with cons, 5G covers a distance of upto 2 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor, which can be achieved due to higher losses at high frequencies . 5G mm wave suffers from many such losses like penetration loss, attenuation due to rain, foliage loss etc.

Shorter length of milimeter waves in 5G is a big problem for the animals. Hundreds of birds died in Netherlands in a 5G cellular network test. 4G too has caused problems in past. These harmful frequencies are either killing or making these inncoent creatures flee. So, it's a big question for humanity, that if we are really gonna slaugheter innocent lives on our path to a highly developed world.