5 Monsoon Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Soumita Sen
Jul 03, 2019   •  14 views

The sweaty sultry humid summer has passed, thankfully, and the rains have poured in. While we love rains, we love them when we are indoors and enjoying them with a cup of coffee and few fritters. When we have to go out and work in this season, it becomes a nightmare for most of us. The potholes filled with muddy water, vehicles splashing away water as they move and the constant wet stench…all of these are a bit too much to tackle with. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is a list of 5 monsoon hacks that will undoubtedly make your life easier.

1) Wax Your Shoes

Love the white sneaker you bought but cant wear it out? The idea is to waterproof and cover every shoe you have. Rub a wax candle over your shoes to provide a protective layering and melt the wax with a bit of warm air from a hair- dryer. Voila, you are good to go. Even if your shoes get dirty, you can just wash it off with a bit of water.

2) Waterproof Makeup

Do I even have to mention this? Don’t put on a lot of base makeup as it is most likely to melt down with the rains. Whatever little base makeup you have, don’t forget to set it in with a setting powder and makeup fixing spray. Opt for a waterproof mascara and liner and preferably a liquid lipstick, so that things stay in place.

3) Hair- Dryer Is Your Saving Grace

You know how that one part of your clothing never dries but you are getting late for work or college? Hair-dryer comes to your rescue. Be it a tie, or a top, dry it with a few minutes of the hair-dryer on full blast and you are sorted.

4) The Rice Trick

M pretty sure most of you know this one, but for the ones that don’t, rice is a great absorber of moisture. The next time your phone gets wet somehow and you have to save it, just dismantle it, take out the battery and put all the parts into a rice container. Keep it for a few hours till the rice absorbs all the moisture and put it back together. Your phone will go back to working again.

5) Avoiding Frizzy Hair

Ever wondered why your hair keeps getting frizzier and more unmanageable by the passing minute in monsoons? It’s the moisture. No matter how much you heating hair tools you put to use, the hair goes back to being the same as before. While boys can settle it down with some hair gel, girls have it difficult. Try moisturising your hair as much as possible, put ample amount of conditioner, some oil replacement cream or a serum. The more you moisturise, the more your hair stays in place. Don’t back out from shampooing as you are most likely to get a scalp infection if you don’t.

A few mandatory other steps are to always carry an umbrella, to stay hydrated, even though it may be pouring cats and dogs outside, and kinda avoid having street food( well as much as possible). I hope these tricks come handy this monsoon. Thanks for reading.

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