While heels are all fashionable and make one look like a diva, its not a very practical choice when it comes to daily use. Every college goer knows the struggle of walking through pot-hole filled streets and hanging in public transport with a certain uncomfortable shoe pinching at your ankle. However, its very easy to sport flats and still be trendy. Here is a list of 5 flat shoes for every girl who wants to remain comfortable while upping her GQ

1) T-Strap Ethnic Flats

A beautiful pop of colour with your ethnic attire. T-strap flats are comfortable, and the ethnic ones are a treat for the eyes. Pair them with your kurtis ans cropped denims, or your palazzos. It wont ache your toes like the mojris do, and yet add that traditional touch to your attire.

2) Mules

Pastel shade, fringedmules are in trend. They are comfortable, and you can always go for the back strap for additional support. They cover your toes, hence saving you from the pain of broken toe nails. They look great with any traditional or casual outfit. If you are a true fashion diva, go for the ochre yellow velvet mule cuz it is a hit with the fashion bloggers.

3) White Sneakers/Loafers

Do I even have to mention this? This trend came in last year and it still reigns the fashion scene. You can pair them with your summer dresses, your graphic tshirt and jeans or literally anything. They are versatile, chic and very comfortable. For the ones who are a bit apprehensive with pulling off a white shoe, try any minimalist sneaker and it would look great.

4) Gladiators

Yet another style which has garnered its position time and again ina fashionista’s wardrobe. There are many variations to this shoe and the latest involves ties which criss-cross over your feet, right upto your ankle. You can always opt for the more simpler version, of an open-toe strappy gladiator with a zip behind, for additional support. These look great with dresses.

5) Sliders

One of those raging Instagram trends. The graphic sliders look great and are very very comfortable. They go with anything and everything. You just have to choose your vibe with these quirky shoes and you are all set to steal the show.

These are my top 5 picks, please let me know if there are any more. I hope you find these useful. If not these, you will always have the humble flipflop! Thanks for reading.

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