This letter is to tell you a secret .

I know, I know. You didn’t hang a sock up or leave me a chit near your pillowlike you used to do, all these years. I understand. This was not a year like any other. You are now wiser. You know the truth.I’m not real.

This Christmas will be different. When you go to the mall, you will feel like shouting at the man dressed as Santa and pull his cotton beard. You will not make a list of things you want for christmas, because you have grown up. you dont believe in santa .

This letter is to tell you a secret. (Do you write letters in Grammar classes yet?) Do you remember my green little helpers? The elves? They are the ones who work so hard to make all your wishes come true – yes your wishes, your momma , your papa, your bestfriend, your boyfriend.

yes i know you dont believe in god anymore,but i guess you believe in them.But they aren’t little or green. They’re humans – like you, like me. And they are everywhere.

So here is my secret:

Santa isn’t real. But his elves are.

Believe in them. And when you’re ready, be them.Fulfill their wishes and be their secret santa.

Your world is so different now. Some truths you learn will make you uncomfortable – they call it growing up. What a silly term. Don’t grow up . Not all uncomfortable truths will be followed by a letter.

Just wait till your new year! You’ll know.

Merry Christmas!

With love,

Santa Claus. (maybe i exist now)