Revolution Of Healthcare Industry

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 11, 2019   •  41 views

Digital India is a new emerging concept of today’s India. Everything is converting into digital format and a new revolution is actually going to begin. And at this time healthcare technology also need a revolution.

Some of the healthcare start ups in india are-

These companies are working to store healthcare data, to connect patient and doctors through applications so that the whole network become digital and it become easy for the patients to search for doctors around him according to the ratings and reviews from other patients. Some of the applications are also linking the providers’ i.e pharmacies to the patients or doctor or to both of them. Through these applications patients can order medicine from their home just by uploading the prescriptions in the application.

But all these applications are still just working in order to cover the stationary and profile of doctors or ordering medicines online but one concept is still untouched that is digital prescriptions.

Doctor use pen paper method to give prescriptions to their patients from ancient time. But there are various problems associated with these prescriptions. These prescriptions are actually high quality healthcare data which is of great use for further healthcare researches and for many other purposes. But in pen paper method it’s very difficult to save and organize data. Additionally, it’s difficult for patients as well to store their past health history or records in this method. So there is a need for a method in which it is easy to store high quality healthcare data. And one such concept is digital prescription.This is a method which is focusing on converting the prescription into digital format so that they will be stored easily for a longer period of time and at the same time it become easy for the doctor and patients to save their health record or data.

There are various recent technologies which are working on revolutionizing the healthcare industry .These are basically the start-ups which are focusing on saving the healthcare data or prescriptions. The two such technologies are – using a digital smart pen and another is an android application having customized prescription pad.

The first technology is focusing on a digital pen. This technology is connecting the smart pen with laptops or tablets. And when doctor write the prescription on their pad it will automatically get stored in laptops or PCs. So there will be no chances of losing data as it will get permanently stored in digital format and the other method is providing doctors with an application which have a customized digital prescription pad especially designed for doctors according to their specialty. This technology is also providing applications to patients and the providers to link all of them and to maintain a flow of data between them.

In this way it is also easy for the patients to store their health record and to show the doctors their past history which will eventually help the doctor to prescribe the correct medicine to their patient. Although digital prescriptions have plenty of advantages doctors are not always get ready to use these application as they have to adopt a totally new thing and leave the method they were using from a very long period of time.

Innovation of idea is not easy but the most difficult part is its implementation which new healthcare technology companies are facing for sure. Reaching to doctors and the patients and to convince them is a challenge for the companies. Additionally it’s very difficult to convince doctors to adopt a totally new technology when they are so used to of the traditional method of pen paper. Data security is the greatest concern for doctors and thus they avoid using these technologies.



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