A Woman Is Other Woman's Biggest Enemy

Sona Chaudhary
Jul 16, 2019   •  43 views

Have you ever compared yourself with the other woman when you visit somewhere or in the public places? Do you always immediately notice when entered a room that whether you are prettier, slimmer and taller than other woman or not? Do you feel embarrassed or sad when you find that you are not? I thought this so many times.

Accept it or not nearly every other girl feel this when she go to the party, or go to some public gathering. This is not actually jealousy but just every girl wants to look best. Because they know very well that if they are not, the other girl might get boys attention.

Yes most girls don’t agree but they still judge each other on the basis of looks, age and personality to attract others. It’s terrible but quite true as well.

A woman who faced discrimination and gender equality in her life accept this as a part of every woman’s life. And if some women in her own family fight against it, she tries to stop her and blames her that she is doing wrong. The entire women who think that girls are not supposed to wear short dresses, they are actually following this trend only. Because majority of 40s 50s women never wore or allowed to wear such dresses in their time and they got the upbringing from the parents and the society that it is unreligious and inappropriate for a girl. So what they learned from the society, they are actually implementing in the society.

And actually becoming other women’s rival.

The behaviour of women support this fact-

  1. When women have fights or arguments, they verbally attack one another. They lose control of their tongues and say mean, upsetting things to the person they have had disagreements with.

2.Back Bitching is also among one of the bad habits of women that they love gossiping and back bitching of other women on the basis of the characteristics they don’t like. If the other woman gets to know about this, it affects her self confidence and also the task which she was doing.

3.Professionally, comparison and competition is good upto some extent but if it is on the basis of looks and personality all the times, it is bad.

Women need to stop trying to compete with one another, trying to pull each other down to succeed alone instead of helping each other.

4.And stop glowering at one another. If you think that they have better legs or prettier dress they don't evn bother what are you thinking.

we talk about feminism, we want change. As a girl we wants to live the way we want then why if other girl is getting all this we are pulling her leg. Inspite of doing that support her and be a girl of your words.