In every human body there is a heart, and there is a good blood that goes from your heart to your body, and there is a bad blood that goes from your body to your heart, this continuous cycle is supposed to keep you alive. The good blood is the most memorable and joyful moments of your life and bad blood is grief, heartbreaks that is what makes your heart beat.

Joseph Campbell once said,"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."

God gave your life not to waste it on hating someone, starring on screens, just sitting there and not following your dreams, but to live it.

Human beings spend their life either in thinking about the mistakes they had made in their past or worrying about their future. In doing so they forget that being human they cannot change what has already happened in the past and what will be going to happen in the future. What is there with them always is the present.

Thinking about the past and future will definitely allow people to pass their time but will never take them forward in life. This is similar to be seated on a rocking chair which will provide you something to do but will never get you anywhere

It is said that one should live for the moment because everything else is uncertain. What we are experiencing now will become past tomorrow. By living in the thoughts of past or future we forget to live in the present. By living in the present one can ensure of creating a better past and future.

You have whole life ahead of you, make mistakes and learn from them, fall and get up, feel and try, cry and laugh, but most of all be a colourful butterfly, chase your dreams, travel the whole world, help the people in poor places,be a writer,follow your hobbies and passion, try as hard as you can to make your dreams a reality, but don't focus on future too much that you forget to live in the present, learn to cherish the moment.


Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment,fully alive,fully aware.