Being a Bloody Woman

Yes, I’m happy in being a bloody woman. Yes, I proudly say that I bleed every month. But being bloody women doesn’t mean that I’m an untouchable. Yes, I admit it those days are painful with cramps in the stomach and pain in the back. But this doesn’t mean that I’m not from this universe. And the mentality is that the one who would touch me will also become an untouchable, will suffer from a hazardous disease or something like that. They say women are the Lakshmi of the house, they are goddess. But I ask you people that why don’t you grant permission to women to light up a diya in the temples when they are on their periods. Why you treat us like a slave? Goddess Kali, Durga, Saraswati, they are the holy names. But before that they were women and according to me I think that years back they too had become a bloody women like us.

Being bloody women is not a disability, it’s our strength. And those who all make fun of this I proudly say to all of them. Yes, you can make fun of us, but once think about your mother how she nurtured you for those nine months. She was in pain but still she was happy because all she knew was that she was bringing up a new life in the world. But what you people do? You make fun of a women who bleed. How can you treat her like a slave. Is this the reward of giving birth to a new life? I don’t know how to reward you people?

I’ll not force anyone to change their mentality because forcing is not the cure of the disease which is prevalent even among those sectors of the world those who consider themselves the most reputed gentleman of the society.

Being Bloody : The Strength not a Curse

I’m also not blaming your mentality,I’m just mocking on your cheap thinking level. The level which could never be upgraded, which will always remain an old version of your mind. And I’ll tell you that being a bloody women is not that only your body is in pain with one hand on your stomach and one at the back. Rather you experience many new things or I should say it’s totally a new world for those five- six days,you just live an entirely different life. You get different utensils to eat, you get different room to sleep ,you don’t have a permission to touch water, every time you have to ask for water from the other person. It means that those 6-7 days your life is not really yours, someone else has the remote of your life and you are compelled to work after them.

Women, you are not alone to fight against these taboos, there are people to help you out but it’s your will that you really feel free to raise your voice. I know these articles would not work because everyday there’s a new topic for the protection of women and people get bored or don’t even give damn to these articles. They think that these articles are useless. But now it’s the need of the hour and I don’t feel ashamed on bringing these issues amongst the society because I’m a bloody woman and I’m happy for that. Yes I admit it.

So, happy Mother’s day




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Ashutosh Singh  •  1y  •  Reply
i think article like these must be shared and written more often. loved it! shared it too!
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Great piece of writing👍