A zoo is referred as a place where different species of animals is housed in parks or gardens by humans. The concept of zoo is not new; it was started during 11th century BC and still going on. But are all zoossafe for animals? Zoos are meant to provide safety to endangered species but there are many zoos which are abusive in their treatment of creatures. The most positive advantage is that zoos prevent distinction and it attracts tourism. Zoo is a much loved place among human since a very long time. The animals don’t have to starve for food. Zoos have time-to-time food and water facilities as well as they are safe from the hunters. We all are well aware about the advantages of zoo. So, let us take a view on some of the major disadvantages that zoos have. Sometimes, keeping animals in zoo is harmful to them. Zoo bereaves the freedom of animal and those innocent animals are forced to live in an unnatural habitat.

1-Do they really belong here?

Money has become a power and with the help of money, you can now rule today’s materialistic world. The desire of money is the root of all evil. Even the animals are not safe from the evilness. There are many cases of zoos selling animals like- elephant, lions, tiger etc to circus for profit. The animals are not meant to stand on their heads, balance on pedestals but they are forced to do so. Even though animals have the right to be treated properly, the trainer uses painful tools during the training process and animals are forced to perform the circus. One more disadvantage of circus is that the circus often shifts to different locations and animals also have to travel continuously which is not at all suitable for them.

2-Animals are kept inside cages-

Cages are made for the safety of animals as well as tourist visiting the zoos. But is it right to captive the animals in a boundary forever? Lifetime imprisonment is something which one will never want in life; but not in case of animals. Animals are meant to be live freely and it is unnatural to keep the animals in cages. Scientists have found that animals lose their natural instinct if they are kept inside cages. Also, zoos can’t provide sufficient space that animals need. Tigers and lions have 18,000 times less space in zoos than required.

3-Torture on animals-

Animal torturing is not new. Many zoos are very harsh and abusive towards the animals. Starting from the street dogs to the king lion, no one is safe from human torture nowadays. The greatness of a zoo is judged by how it deals with animals. According to survey, every year approx 5000 animals die inside zoos. Animals do suffer in zoo and get stressed. This leads unnatural behavior of animals and thus they start hunting each other. The zoos torture animals by not giving them food on a timely basis, beating them to perform in circus, killing them and selling them for money.

4-Zoos don’t provide suitable environment-

Freedom is precious. Animal species are mainly born in forests and it is their natural habitat. No matter how much facilities are available in the zoo, how big the zoo is; it can never provide the required space and environment that the animals need. It can never replicate the natural environment. Animals are debarred from all the freedom that they would have enjoyed in the natural habitat. The zoos generally take away the animals from their actual home and force in a place which is not at all suitable for them. And unfortunately, the innocent animals are left with no option.

5-No safety for animals-

Zoos don’t always provide necessary treatment to animals as per requirement. Most of the animals die inside the zoo due to illness, irresponsibility of zoo employees, no proper treatment.Zoos are considered as prison for animals. There is no safety precautions made for animals during natural disaster. It is very sad to see that no safety measures are taken for safety of animals. Last year, a fire broke out at Chester Zoo killing some animals like birds, fishes and frogs. Who is responsible for the death of those little animals?

6-Animals are separated from their families-

In zoos, many animals are taken away from their families and sent do different zoos. Since birth, the zoo animals are taught to be dependent on human. They have to obey all the orders forcefully. The zoos are not concerned with preservation of animals, and if they are; then they would have worked to preserve natural habitat; not animals.

Somehow, zoo teaches that human can enslave animals for their benefit and animals are bound to do it. If we really want to save the animals, then we should not harm their natural habitats. However, there are many national parks and government organizations who work hard to protect the animals. So, what do you think? Is it right or wrong to keep the animals in zoo?