I have a childhood filled with amazing memories and experiences. I have shifted many schools, made many friends from all over the country and traveled to various places. I am glad that I was able to do that because my father joined the Armed Forces. The kind of exposure I got during my childhood has shaped me into a confident individual that I am today who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

Being a kid of a Fauji makes you develop a broad mindset at a very young age because you have to shift many schools due to your father’s postings. This makes you more adaptable to new people and situations. This builds your confidence levels and makes you get a bigger picture of life.

As a Fauji’s Kid, you tend to develop a sense of discipline by imbibing military values and ethos while growing up. You seem to understand that how even simple things like not polishing your shoes or not trimming your hair can leave a bad impression on others. You are also taught to never compromise on clean surroundings and good personal hygiene.

When you don’t see your father most of the time, you understand how separation feels not just to you but to others around you as well. At the same time, it makes you feel proud to be the son or daughter of someone who is serving the nation. It instills a sense of pride and contentment in which your feelings of separation and detachment fade away.

The best part of being a Fauji’s Kid is the perks you enjoy. First thing, you get to travel to various places in India where people would probably visit for a vacation. But for you it is different, you get to reside there for a few years, study there and experience the place and culture. Wherever your parent gets posted, you have an Army School or Navy School or Air Force School in which you can study. This saves your time and effort in searching for a new school in a new place. These schools provide you with great exposure and a high standard of education.

There are various other facilities you also get to enjoy. Firstly, you get to live in a protected environment that has high-level security all the time. You get to stay in quarters usually located in a cool and green place away from traffic and commotion. You also get to avail of facilities such as the gym, park, club, swimming pool, tennis court, hospital, etc. Most of these facilities come free of cost and are located within your vicinity.

As adventure is part and parcel of Military life, the children of Armed Forces Personnel get a taste of it at a young age. There are various camps which are organized by the Army, Navy and Air Force where you can undertake adventure sports such as scuba-diving, rafting, Paragliding, mountaineering, and sailing.

But it is not just about the perks that are special of being a Fauji’s kid, it is about seeing how soldiers work on an everyday basis, the dangers they face and the sacrifices they make for their country! It instills a sense of pride and reverence in you for the nation as well for your parents! Life of a soldier is difficult for him as well as for his family. With the perks, comes a life filled with separation and hardships!



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Thank you@Mohit Sharma!!
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Beautifully written, enjoyed reading it.