Since, time immemorial, we as human beings have proved that we are the most intelligent species on Earth.Beginning with the invention of the wheel to the Satellite, we have made our lives easier and more comfortable. We have survived through many wars, diseases, and disasters in our past. This makes us human beings, a species with extraordinary abilities and potential.

This immense potential can be harnessed by each individual separately. But most people fail to acknowledge their true potential in their lifetime. People often fall into the trap they set for themselves. They put limits on their own abilities and fail to see what is best in them. A lot of people think that they cannot do something or it is beyond their ability. This sort of thinking has already defeated them before they have even started.

Often people tend to give up when they are up against odds. They give themselves silly excuses such as “This is impossible” or “I can’t overcome this” and step away from facing such situations in life. As we all know everything shall pass. Even the bad times fade away and lead to good times. It is about mastering self-control and braving the difficult situations in life which makes us who we really are.

It is our bad experiences and failures which are our best teachers and bring out the best in us. Till the time we are safely cocooned to our comfort zones, we cannot succeed or bring our talents to the forefront. So, embracing our failures and learning from our mistakes is important to proceed in life. Further, to do anything in life, one must develop the will. The will should be so strong that it can even move mountains.

With a strong will and hard work, a person can achieve many things in life. If we give in our 100 percent efforts, then even if we lose we will have no regrets. This is because we will realize that we tried our best and despite that, we couldn’t succeed. This is better than doing nothing or being aimless.

Everyone must have an aim in life. This aim gives you direction in life otherwise you are running a race which you don’t know about. You have to define short term and long term goals in life. For example, to climb Mount Everest, every part of the climb counts. Similarly, in life, every small step you take will lead you to your destination. Therefore, planning your life is critical.

Create a vision for yourself. Try to imagine where you will be in the next few years of your life and what you can start doing from now. Set clear and achievable goals for yourself. For instance, a bodybuilder starts with lifting fewer weights in the beginning and then proceeds to lift heavier ones. This should be a similar approach to life where one cannot dive into the ocean at once otherwise he will drown. One must set easier goals for himself/herself and then increase the bar.

Consistent efforts are necessary to achieve anything. One must not give up in between just because circumstances are not in one’s favor. Even in a difficult situation, one must ask himself/herself “What is this teaching me?” instead of thinking “Why is this happening to me?” No matter, how worse the situation gets, one must hold one’s foot to the ground and not budge from there.

Everyone is born with gifts and talents. Some might be good at sports and some may be good at singing. So, pursue a field that makes you feel complete and gives you a sense of satisfaction. To figure out your purpose; you can begin by making a list of your interests and strength areas. Suppose, you like playing sports, then pick your favorite sport. After picking your favorite sport, then decide as to how much time and effort you can dedicate to it.

If you have multiple interests, then there is no harm in exploring them. After you explore, you weigh the pros and cons and then choose the area you want to pursue for your lifetime. You can develop other skill sets too. But focus on one main thing that interests you and gains full perfection in that. You should know it inside and out.

Life gets boring with hobbies. To break out from the monotonous work that we do on an everyday basis to sustain ourselves, it is important to locate something that makes us feel good about ourselves. For instance, if you are an engineer but love playing the drums, then make sure you dedicate a few hours in a week for drumming.

Show empathy for people and living beings around you. Doing a simple act of kindness like building a shelter for stray dogs or distributing your old clothes at an orphanage will boost your happiness. Also, be grateful for whatever God has given you because many people in the world can only dream about living the life you are living!

In order to achieve anything, one’s mental and physical health must be in good condition. This comes with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy foods and exercising your body will help you drive out many diseases. One must also meditate to maintain mental stability and concentrate better.

Surround yourself with friends and colleagues who are your wish you well and like to see you grow. Avoid selfish and arrogant people who want to bring you down. Also, never compare with others as each one born on Earth is unique.Everyone is running their own race and no one knows what each one is going through. Comparing yourself with others will only make things worse for you and make you morose.

Remember life is a journey, not a race. Learn to enjoy it! Everyone’s true potential is hidden somewhere. Make sure you find it in this lifetime because living a life without discovering your potential is worthless. You matter to this Earth and what you do in your life matters even more. So, make sure you bring out the best in you and showcase it to the world!



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Thank you! 😊
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well written. Key is beleive in oneself. be a balanced critic / motivator of oneself.