Very disturbing topic, and requires very much attention but we end up ignoring it both the people suffering from it and the people around them both, ignore it or fail to realise that someone is suffering from it. And someone needs their help.

According to world health organisation (WHO) depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. They had estimated that 350 million people are effected by deppression, globally.

It's not too easy to detect that you are facing depression or you are depressed. But the most difficult part is to treat depression, to overcome depression, or to talk about it publicly. Because the person who is suffering from depression will think that the people around them will fun of them, will judge them. Will start gossiping about them. What we do is instead of supporting the person who is suffering we let them more down.

Which is like a person is stuck in a deep marshy lagoon and we are just standing right there holding are hands and standing. What a great humans we are.

What people fail to understand is that depression isn't about the outside, it's about the inside. You may see someone laughing outside but they are dying inside. They are laughing to pretend they are happy but inside there is a whole vacuum. They are simply drowning in depression. They completely sink into a deep ocean of depression.

Now we don't mostly have joint families, we have nuclear familes which comprises of maximum four to three people in it. And still if any one among the family member is suffering from depression we fail to even see that, realising that is a way far thing. Because everyone is too busy in their own zone either with their phones or with their work, office stuff. That we had forgotten to sit together for at lest an hour or so not to talk but to listen to others what they have to say. Share about their thoughts.

Listening to someone means only to listen at least at that moment not to give your opinion to them or to bombard someone with your questions at that moment. If you do so a Person will be afraid to share anything with you.

Sometime we know that a person is suffering from depression but we can not help that person. Because that person is not allowing you to help them. Either they will run away from the situations or they will become stubborn and will stop talking, interacting with others.

Depression can affect anyone even the most richest person will face this at some point. Beacuse depression does not seek for materialistic pleasure it seek form emotional comfort, happiness. The best way to treat depression is to talk, talk about the stuff that's bothering you, talk about your discomfort. It's not always good to be in your own cocoon sometime your need to fly and be interactive with the world around you. Kicking back the fear of being judged.

Dont neglect things think over it find a solution, to your things. Because neglecting can lead to some complications in the end. Life is not simple we understand but making it more complicated is a stupidity.