How Will Be Modi 2.0 Better Than Modi 1.0?

Siddesh Chavan
May 26, 2019   •  29 views

2019 elections in India cross all boundaries and creates a history by only one man that is Modi. Everyone in this country wants a Modi to be their Prime minister again. This election is one of the most challenging elections because both Democratic and Opposition Parties have a different views and agenda on each other and also for peolle of India. This elections saw winner but it also see many pitfalls that people of India never saw before. So How will be Modi 2.0 better than Modi 1.0, it will better or different in style that we can't say but one thing can say that it will put a benchmark than previous one.

As first in 2014 after rule of Opposition party for 10 years people of India elected there New Prime Minister named as Narendra Modi by giving him a new hope for betterment of India. After electing he started works as PM. He setup many good relationship between many countries, started many projects like Sardar Vallabhai Patel sculpture in Gujarat, one of the most highest statue which make India to pride in the world, he has taken many strictly decisions for ex. GST, Demonization which makes a India economic to stable and many more which isadded to lists. And all of this is the Modi 1.0.

So how will be Modi 2.0? After the winning of 2019 elections Modi will be The Prime minister of India. As this phase of elections sworn him about 349 seats in total of 542 constituency seats. Thus huge of success gave him again a power to change the India infront of the world. As he say that "This is India's Victory, Not me". Now he and his Ministers will work on attack as it is seen in the last couple of months to make country more secular and also in terms of security, they will cutoff unemployment as much as possible will less margin of percent,Creates more and more economy will make a country to drive further and makes a different change of look, to invest more and makes a more collaboration, makes a healthcare centre will all types of equipment and treatment available for a common man and many more what he wants to make this country prosperous. And also the New Slogan for this 5 years will be:

" Sabka Saath, Sabka Viskas, Sabka Vishwas"



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