Leadership Of Sh. Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi

Modi's first leap towards improvement was through demonetization after being elected as PM in 2014, many appreciated demonetization due to increase in cashless transactions (according to the data about 156 million transactions were made in March-April 2017). The digital transaction tracks all purchases and sales due to which tax evasions could not take place and home loans were available at cheaper rates due to money piling at banks. Approximately 2.24 million shell companies were shut down but it even had its fair share of disadvantages. Starting with the impact on agricultural sectors and small scale industries, as most of the transactions happened in cash in these sectors it grew really difficult for these people to earn their livings. 70% of the Indian population currently lives in rural areas which lack internet connection and knowledge of cashless transactions is between minimum to null, leading to difficulty in trade in rural areas. As claimed by Modi, demonetization was introduced to curb black money, but accuracy about the black money “in check” hasn’t been released and no one asked, ‘How much black money has been eradicated?’

‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ followed it and as for 2018, according to environmental performance index, India ranks 177th out of 180. Comparing rankings to when India was under Congress government which is 155th out of 178 countries, India dropped by 20 countries.

After BJP’s rise to power, there has been a noticeable increase in communal chaos between the Hindu and Muslim. From entertainment to literally bashing people for being born as Muslims, saffronisation was evident, a movie like PADMAVAT had Shiv Sena army riling. Muslims and minority religions have been neglected and have no say in any government decision-making. The newspapers were full of articles highlighting violence against Kashmiris, bashing of Muslims and forcing them to praise Hindu gods but Modi has been a strong leader that India has never had. When Pakistan’s terrorist group ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed’ attacked and killed 46 CPRF soldiers in Pulwama, the counter-attack was on three major camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Balakot. Common men believed that this strike was led by Modi and branded ‘Indian Army' to be ‘Modi’s Army’. But then I realized that no one asked, ‘’How did the vehicle-borne suicide bomb even come near the convoy?”And why did 46 soldiers board a convoy when usually only 10-15 soldiers board it? All these questions never strike people’s minds. If we look deeper, we realize that there are many loopholes that we don’t even bother to address because we are on the safer side. With everyone supporting Modi, and with media hiding the truth, it is really difficult for a common man to understand political games that are being played.



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