Wanna Your Skin Be Able To Breathe And Your Pores Do Not Clog ! - Then Remove Makeup From Your Face Before Sleeping...

Shruti Gupta
Apr 01, 2019   •  44 views

Makeup is applied on the face to enjoythe attention one desires.

But it should be made sure that all the makeup is removed at the end of the day.

Doing this makes the face remain free from acne and blemishes.
If the makeup is not removed properly,
then this can lead to clogging of pores on the skin, irritation and even skin infections.

In other words we can say that the residual makeup causes skin problems which are not at all desired.

Removing Makeup from Face...........

Various makeup removers come in the market.

Especially formulated liquid removers are available in the markets.

Many makeup removing facial wipes are also offered by various big brands that suit everyone’s needs whether anyone has oily skin or dry skin, sensitive skin or a problematic one.

Removing Makeup From Face Without a Makeup Remover.........

If anyone doesn't have a makeup remover ready at the hand,then what to do?

There are a few tips on how to remove makeup from face even without a makeup remover:
Almost everyone has cold cream in their homes.

So some cold cream can be rubbed on the face and all the areas where the makeup has been applied should get covered.

After applying the person is supposed to stay on for about three to four minutes.

The face should be wiped on with a washcloth( dipped in water) and then should be rinsed off with trepid water.

If anyone has some baby oil at home,then some of it can be poured in a bowl and a cotton ball can be dipped in it.

The face makeup can be wiped off with it and a wet washcloth can be used to get rid of the oil left on the face.

If the makeup used on the face is not so heavy then milk can also be used to clean the face.
How to use milk?...

The facecan be wiped off with a cotton balldipped into milk .
After that the face can be rinsed off with lukewarm water.

A natural cleanser like olive oil, castor oil or jojoba oil can be opted if the skin is dry or sensitive.

Actually, for dry skin,cream or oil based makeup removers work best.

A homemade makeup remover can also be made for oily skin, by combining a spoon of yogurt along with a spoon of honey and lime juice.

This combination should be used by following through facial cleansing with the help of a face wash specially meant for oily skin.

It should be remembered that gel based or alcohol based products work best on the oily and combination skin types.

Hence while purchasing a makeup remover from the market, this thing should be kept in the mind.
Oil based makeup removers should be avoided.

The oil cleansing method is considered to be superb for every skin type.

Everyone can try removing the makeup by resorting to this method.

Thus, finally it can be said that it is important to remove the traces of makeup before going to bed at the end of a day.

Doing it religiously before retiring for the day offers a person to enjoy the youthful and problem-free skin always.