Cosmetics, make-up equipments have flourished the market all over. This has taken huge leap in the share market.

Every woman enhnaces her beauty, through these unique makeup products. Several big brands like HUDA, Nykaa, Lakme etc are well known providers in cosmetic industry. Many well known actresses or influencers endorse their beauty products by their live usage of product. Some beauty peagants like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and several others. So, this has excited people to try and give it a chance to get a clear and shiny face.

Let's know the simple makeup routine course.

To start up with your makeup look, wash your face and pat it dry.


1) Apply moisturizer all over your face to keep it hydrated.

2) Then apply primer to smooth the surface of your skin, which will minimise the appearance of lines and pores and evens your skin tone. This helps your makeup to stay smudge free.

3)Now, put the concealer, to hide your dark circles and dark spots .

4) Here, the main part of make-up routine begins, that is to apply liquid foundation allover your face. Just like each building needs a base foundation, similarly foundation plays the same role in your make-up routine.

5) The next step is to do contouring. This provides 3D effect to your face. It is applied under your cheek bones, forehead and nose.

6) Moreover , apply compact powder evenly throught your face, to fix your makeup. Do not overuse the powder that it does not match your skin tone.

7) As per experts, makeup stylists, you must always apply nude color which matches your skin tone. This make up should be soft and should have smooth touch to your skin.

8) Now, choose your favourite makeup colors to match your outfit. It's the time to apply eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and whatever you like to finish your make up look with. You can highlight your peak points of face, like to have an elongated nose, or fluffy cheeks, the final touch required can be given.

9) To end your makeup routine, highlight your high points of faces as per your convenience.

Then to have a shiny look, apply a shimmer allover.

Being yourself, and exploring your own beauty is the real beauty. Your glowing face is incomplete without a perfect smile. Carry your look with confidence and grace. So, now you are ready to rock with your amazing look.