Durga Pujo is just around the corner and Bengalis cannot contain our excitement already! Shopping, planning the outings, shortlisting puja pandals are the things that top the to-do lists and girls just cannot decide what to wear on which day!

Unlike me, there are many girls out there who are done with their 'Pujo Shopping' and have also planned what outfit(s) to wear on which day. Lucky are they. *sigh*

Durga Pujo is not only a fashion parade for Bengalis, it holds so much emotions that some things have remained constant through the years - like wearing a saree on Ashtami and reserving the day for their special one. Not just this one thing, every day of the festival holds their own uniqueness to mark it apart from the other days and we can never grow out of it.

So, here are five looks which you can try to make this pujo special... Also, who knows, if you are single you might even find your Mr. Perfect this year!

1) Shoshthi Special: You can always start your pujo with a casual and quirky look. To pull this off, you can pair a front slit kurti with a high-waist or low-waist jeans (even better if it's distressed). Pair it up with long danglers and gladiator shoes or sneakers and you are good to go!

2) Saptami Shimmer: With the second day of Pujo arriving, the glam game is about to reach the highest level. Pair up a long skirt with a crop top and a sling bag and you will be ready to 'shimmy' your way through the day. If you are ready with a long list of pandals that you will visit, do avoid heels or even VIP Passes wont allow you to skip sore feet.

3) Ashtami Glam Game: Our minds are already preoccupied with the anjali and fasting while our hearts are racing fast to see the look on our partner's face when they see us. Ashtami and sarees have a bond since time eternity and no one even wishes to change the system. Showing up at a pandal draped in six yards of elegance has a special ring to it which none of us can deny.

4) Nabami Madness: Just like Ashtami and sarees share a special bond, nabami and night-outs go hand in hand. Night-outs are full of madness and all things crazy; so to match up with the craziness be comfortable in a pair of jeans teamed up with a glamorous top and shiny make-up to go with it.

5) Dismal Dashami: As they say, the feeling of the festivities about to begin is way more better than the festivities actually beginning. The festival almost ends within a blink of an eye and our hearts can't stop saying "Asche bochor abar hobe" (It will happen again next year). To bid goodbye to the most awaited festival of the year you can dress yourself in the quintessential white saree with red border and not to forget - a big red bindi.