Trestle Jacks - An Alternative To Scissor Jacks

Shreyas Aravind
Feb 11, 2019   •  29 views

Introduction :

A jack is a device that uses force to lift heavy loads. The primary mechanism with which force is applied varies, depending upon the specific type of jack. Jacks can be categorized based on the type of force they employ, mechanical or hydraulic. Mechanical jacks such as car jacks and house jacks lift heavy equipments and are rated based on lifting capacity. A trestle jack is a type of mechanical jack. Trestle refers to a framework consisting of a horizontal beam supported by two pairs of sloping legs, and jack refers to a device used for lifting heavy objects. So a trestle jack is a open braced framework which is used for lifting or supporting heavy objects. Changing of tyre or repairing brake linings or bearings on a heavy load trailer can be done easily by the usage of trestle jack. It lifts a trailer axle faster than any conventional system. The trestle jack uses driving motion from the vehicle to lift and lower trailer axles.

Why it is an alternative to Scissor Jacks ?

After observing the heavy load on the workshop for repairing car, most of the time taken by any worker is to lift the car from the ground. So we came up with an idea about trestle jack. With no need of human power, as everything depends on the power of the vehicle. This is also not hazardous for the workers. Because nobody is required during the whole procedures. This results in a far safer working environment and it also cuts down the time dramatically. It takes minimum of 1-2 minutes to lift the vehicle above from the ground. Once the trestle jack is upright, it transforms into an axle support stand with a safe working load. Two trestle jacks may be required if a complete axle or empty trailer needs to be lifted. Every manufacturing product requires cost efficient method and its variation in application maintaining its natural structure as well as to assign service life keeping failure parameters in mind. As compare to other hydraulic jacks which is costly and are not easy to carry. Other types of jacks are Scissor jacks, which requires lot of man power and consume lot of time. So trestle jacks are best suitable for nowadays.

It is useful for lifting one wheel as well as the whole locomotive. Trestle jack is designed in such a way that it is suitable to lift any square or round axle. It is suitable to lift 20 tons for standard vehicle. The height of the Trestle jack is adjustable. So it is suitable for all the type of vehicle.

What is the material used for making Trestle Jacks ?

All the jack devices are generally made up of mild steel. So, the additional material that is considered for this device is mild steel (structural steel) as it will provide same operating properties. The material will be completely designed on plain carbon steel. It provides more resistance to the load before undergoing any strain and deformation. The pneumatedgas spring is made up of aluminium and thus is lighter.

What are its Advantages ?

  1. It increases the width of the base by adding extra metal plates which increases stability as well as improves its strength.
  2. Design can be modified, in order to increase the load bearing capacity.
  3. Uses good quality rubber thus eliminating the slipping condition.
  4. It is adjustable, so it is useful for axle of the vehicle at any height.

What are its Uses ?

  1. New, quick, safe and airless solution.
  2. Fast axle lifting.
  3. Usage in different fields.
  4. East to operate and manufacture.
  5. Minimizes the disadvantages of a car jack.
  6. There is always a provision of new approach of modification.