Stop don't do this ! Stop don't go there!

Oh these restrictions ,I hate them . I don't want to be here.

Life is too rude and harsh to us.

When we have it we don't respect it and vice versa.

Family is something we definitely need in our life . It supports us in our hardships.

It is the reason for our happiness.

I don't know how a hostelier liveslife without a family.

Family is not just your mother, father,sister or brother . It is also about your friends.

We live our day with both our friends and relatives . In school we spent half a day with our friends . Making good friends is important in your life and it is not so easy to makeand trust them.

For spending your time in hostel , we need friends. Friends which understands you very well.

When we are at home, we want to go out for our studies. It's a good decision for your career.

But when this decision fails . You feel boredom outside . You miss your family your school friends . You startfeeling to run away from that place but couldn't.You become frustrated , depressed.

Someof them tell their parents and come back home . But some don't because they are afraid of their judgemental society. And mess of doubt leads to another mess of being able to adjust in next destination.