Here are some art styles trending all over social media. You can easily come across these artforms on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. The given selected art styles might help you to understand the modern world of art.

Pouring Acrylics

Also commonly called fluid art. Pouring acrylics is a fun and quick way to create endless possibilitiess of patterns with multiple colours. Numerous techniques of pouring are used that gives marblic effects and cheerful glazing canvas. There is something so satisfying to watch the pigments spill across the surface.

Digital Painting

A new emerging art style with advancement in technology. Do not confuse it with rendering as digital painting only involves tools that are used in traditional techniques like pencils, brushes, acrylics etc. Softwares provides new features such as painting in layers, redo strokes, symmetrical drawings and many more. This art style is important for creating animations, illustrations and cartoons.

Knife Painting

It is done with a palette knife which is primarily used for mixing paints. It helps in creating some brilliant effects that is not possible with brushes. Palette knife is good for making thick textures which gives broken colour effect. Perfecting the art of knife painting takes some time as it is difficult to make strokes with sharp edges.


Doodling is nothing but pouring your imagination on a piece of paper. You can literally draw whatever comes in your mind. It is a fun way of making beautiful designs, patterns, abstract, creative text etc. You don't need to be an expect for making doodles.

Sand Animation

Sand art is a style of narrating stories by changing frames. It is a way of playing with sand and negative spaces; involving stunning illustrations created on a light table. The artist keeps on changing visuals which makes a beautiful unified story.

Vector art

It is one of the digital painting style, done with the help of computer graphics. It involves painting in 2-D frames. It features solid colors, defined shapes and patterns. It uses mathematical forms and curves. This kind of art is best for logo making and branding. It can also uses many polygons and other shapes.


The art style actually originated in early 20th century. It was like a culture in art and writing to express imaginative visions. It was badly criticized at that time. But with changing modern art, the style is loved and praised. One of the most popular painting of this style is 'persistence of the memory'.

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amazing being artistic one way or the other ..especially fluid art a childhood fun
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